Fetterman Stays Quiet While Biden Says Gisele Will Be a Great Lady in the Senate


Joe Biden stopped in Pittsburg to support John Fetterman as the 2022 campaign season was rapidly approaching. Maybe his wife Gisele Fetterman. Fox News reports that Biden was also there to celebrate the restoration of the bridge that fell last year.

A few things seemed out of place. First, Biden stated that he would keep Fetterman’s remarks short. Concern has been expressed over Fetterman’s inability to understand and speak the spoken word. This has been attributed to a stroke that occurred in May. Fetterman said that he didn’t speak a word during the event. According to The Post Millennial, this caught the attention of a few people.

This was clearly planned. Fetterman is unable to put together coherent sentences, and Joe Biden, as you can see in the Fox video, was unable to wrap up his speech. Biden was unable to finish his speech coherently and either lost his sense of direction or danced briefly the hokey pokey before he regained his feet and walked off the stage.

Fetterman was not asked to do anything other than stand in the suit he wore after it had been discarded for years. If they had talked, Tucker Carlson and Greg Gutfeld, and all of the Townhall affiliates would have had enough material until Wednesday. Glenn Beck would have enjoyed it for an hour, while Sean Hannity would have discussed it in his own nonstop fashion for at most a segment and a quarter. It would have been featured on Breitbart’s front page. God only knows how far Daily Wire would take it. Ben Shapiro would have gotten his mouth into traction over it. After that monologue, he would have required reconstructive surgery.

They should, and why not? Yes, there are a lot of jokes here. But, if you get to the core, this is a world leader, and perhaps a future legislator, who clearly has serious cognitive issues. This is crucial, not only for matters of state but also to establish confidence at home as well as abroad. Even though the Democrats are aware of this, they stand there and shout “La, la la, la!” Donald Trump, La, la abortion! “La, la la, la January 6th!” Joe should be kept on a leash while Fetterman must keep his mouth shut unless absolutely necessary.

Biden also spoke out about a line in his speech. “John, thank you very much for running. I truly appreciate it.” “Gisele, you are gonna be a great, great woman in the Senate.”

Huh? Gisele? Excuse me, Mr. President. What does she have to do with this? She is a great lady in Senate, but Fetterman gets nothing more than a passing nod and a handshake. It should have said something like “John, you’re going great in November, and I’m looking forwards to working with you to benefit the American people.” That was all he should have said.

It is not a secret that Joe’s primary handler is Jill Biden. This fact is evident in numerous videos and news stories. It is well-known that Dr. Jill can be protective of her husband and wants to keep the story that he is working as he should. Gisele Fetterman demanded that heads be rolled after it became public that Fetterman required closed-captioning in order to make an appearance on NBC.

Both men are not fit for their respective positions and both rely on their wives to make an appearance. It is clear that Democrats will accept this, indicating that they care more about their power positions than the welfare of the nation. Donkeys, whatever you need to get through the night. We would be grateful if you didn’t try to drag us along.