Florida Man Arrested for Firing Gun After Discovering Intoxicated Roommate Naked in Teen Daughter’s Bed


Florida man arrested after shooting incident that broke out when he discovered his drunken roommate sleeping in the bed of his teenage daughter.

The incident occurred Wednesday morning in Cape Coral Florida.

Dayne Victor Miller stated to police that he was drinking heavily with a couple who rented a bedroom at his house.

The male roommate excused himself to go the bathroom but ended up in the bed of Miller’s daughter. She awoke to find the man next to her, and she went to tell her father.

The daughter did not “allege a crime had occurred against her,” according to the Cape Coral police, and the man told them he accidentally ended up in the bed.

The wife of the roommate woke him up and informed him that he was in the wrong bed. Then, they went back to their room.

Miller was understandably upset and went to confront the couple. He pounded on their doors until he discovered that they had locked themselves inside.

“I’ll kill you!” He allegedly shouted at them.

Police said Miller fired his gun three to four times into the floor outside of the couple’s door. He then called the police to tell them that he had found the naked man in his daughter’s bed.

Miller was taken into custody and booked in the Lee County Jail for aggravated assault using a deadly weapon, and shooting into an occupied residence.

WBBH-TV was told by a neighbor that Miller had rented a room in her home.

“They are nice people so we have never had any problems.” Monica Taylor said that it was “kind of troubling” to hear about what happened to his daughter and all the rest.

“It gets kind of concerning when guns are involved. I would feel pretty outraged myself,” said Mike Bolding, another neighbor.

Here’s a local report on the incident