Florida Supreme Court Gives DeSantis Go-Ahead On COVID-19 Vaccine Grand Jury


Florida’s Supreme Court has approved Gov. Ron DeSantis requested Thursday that a grand jury investigate the manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines.

DeSantis asked the court to appoint a grand jury. He blasted vaccine manufacturers for boasting high efficacy rates that were questionable and other claims that lead to government mandates.

The high court ruled that a statewide grand jury would be immediately impaneled for twelve months. This term will begin on the date of impanelment and continue throughout the State of Florida to investigate crime, return charges, make presentations, and perform any other functions of a grand jury with respect to the offenses listed herein.

One of many steps taken to “hold Big Pharma and the federal government accountable”, was the Florida governor’s request for an independent grand jury. DeSantis raised concerns about the safety Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccinations. DeSantis claimed that the grand jury was necessary in order to protect Floridians.

His petition stated that some pharmaceutical companies had suggested vaccines could help end the pandemic. Florida law prohibits fraud, which includes the dissemination of misleading or false advertisements about a drug or the use of any suggestion or representation in an advertisement relating to drugs that a drug’s application is effective.

DeSantis’s team cited the potential risks of coagulation disorders and acute cardiac injuries as well as Bell’s palsy that could be caused by vaccines. DeSantis’s request for a grand jury was criticized by some medical professionals like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“COVID-19 vaccines manufactured by Moderna and Pfizer have received FDA approval for pediatric patients and adults and continue to be promoted as safe and effective even though they do not prevent transmission,” DeSantis’s press release stating that the grand jury was required.

DeSantis also declared the creation of the Public Health Integrity Committee, which will scrutinize federal health recommendations. He also promised to continue “surveillance into sudden death of individuals who received the COVID-19 vaccination in Florida.”

This move was made weeks after Trump’s 2024 campaign. Trump’s backing of the vaccine has upset some parts of his base, which gave DeSantis an opportunity to run for office.