FTC Officials Reportedly Invest In The Very Companies The Agency Regulates


The Wall Street Journal has found that individuals working for the Federal Trade Commission have stock in the businesses they regulate.

According to the outlet, one third of senior agency officials owned stock or traded in stocks in companies that were involved in FTC merger review/probe. The Journal reported that 22 of the 60 largest businesses against whom the FTC filed cases in the period covered stock ownership by agency officials.

According to the Journal, an FTC spokesperson stated that senior employees are subject to disclosures from the ethics office. He also advised how filers could comply with the rules. Wall Street Journal’s analysis was confirmed by officials from the Ethics Committee that the law had been followed.

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The FTC website states that “The FTC’s mission is to protect the public from deceptive and unfair business practices, and from unfair competition by law enforcement, advocacy, and research.” ”

The Journal reported Randolph Tritell, the retired head of the agency’s international affairs department, who made more stock trade disclosures than the Journal examined. The Journal also noted that Tritell’s disclosures were annually certified by ethics officers as being in compliance with the rules.

According the outlet, Tritell held tech stocks in companies such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. The outlet reported Tritell had disclosed more than 36 trades on Facebook, Oracle, Microsoft, Microsoft, and Microsoft between 2016 and 2017.

He stated that his trading is under the control of a financial advisor. Although he is able to give direction, he says that his trading is in the hands of a financial advisor. “