George W. Bush Condemns Unjustified and Brutal Invasion of Iraq…I Mean of The Ukraine


George W. Bush quickly became famous for inadvertently calling the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “Iraq”. In 2003, the United States invaded Ukraine.

He stated, “In contrast to Russian elections are rigged. He said that political opponents are either imprisoned or expelled from the electoral process. The remarks were made at the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas.

He stated, “The result of an inability to balance Russia and the decision of one man to launch an illegal brutal invasion of Iraq…I refer to Ukraine. ”

He then appears to say “Iraq” which was met with chuckles by his audience.

His error was laughed at by the audience and he continued to use “75” to refer to his age.

People opposed to the war took to Twitter to protest Bush’s actions. The 293 votes to the 133 votes in Congress to approve the war on Iraq were enough to pass.

According to the Gravel Institute, George Bush proved right for the first time. Bush invaded Iraq in a brutal and unjustified manner. This could be interpreted as a bid to make Bush look like Putin.

Wajahat Al, a columnist at The Daily Beast, tweeted that George W. Bush had finally admitted his guilt after 20 years.

While people might be annoyed by his mistakes, it’s possible to see that his energy was directed towards 2022 comments that really matter. Biden’s comment, “abort child” following the Roe V. Wade draft opinions leak.

For those who prefer to keep it militarily focused, Congressional Democrats appear disinterested in holding the Biden administration accountable for the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021.

Although the U.S. should be reflecting on the consequences of the Iraq War’s effects, it is clear that Bush’s gaffes can be worth looking at given the current situation.