GOP Gov. Stops NBC Anchor In His Tracks For Downplaying Economic Issues


Chuck Todd, host on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” was given a quick reality check Sunday. He asked why Americans were not more concerned about alleged threats against democracy.

What has happened?

Talking with New Hampshire Governor. Todd spoke with Chris Sununu (R), to find out why the moderate Republican supports “an election denialist.”

Todd was referring specifically to Donald Bolduc (the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate from New Hampshire), who questions the outcome in 2020’s presidential election.

Sununu pointed out that Todd’s question exposed his disconnect with what most Americans care about.

“Let’s just say, Chuck, you are in a bubble. Chuck, I love you. But, you’re in a bubble when you think anyone is talking about 2020 or Mar-a-Lago.

“I know that the media loves to talk about this,” the governor said before adding, “People are talking daily about what’s happening in their pockets every day when they need to buy groceries or fuel.”

Todd was, however, not convinced.

“Do you think that this should be prioritized above election denialism?” He asked.

“Of course. Sununu replied, “Oh, my goodness, Chuck, this is hitting people.” They are having difficulty paying their mortgage. Washington’s bad policies are causing them difficulty with car payments. Are they allowed to? The beauty of the American system, however, is that every voter can vote according to their own interests. This includes voting for the best schools and economic opportunities for their family.

Todd tried to push back, but Sununu said that election security was a serious issue. He clarified that it will not determine the outcome of elections.

“When you talk about what people will be voting on this November — which are the top priorities issues — it’s inflation and the economy, getting these things under control,” said the governor.

Nearly all polls confirm what Sununu said. Gallup, ABC News and Reuters have all conducted new surveys that show Americans are most concerned about their economy.