Groomers Say Kids Will Be Exposed to Nudity and Kink at Pride Parades, But Don’t Worry, It’s Educational


Groomers are everywhere nowadays, but none more prominent than at LGBTQ Pride parades. This is where all manner of debauchery is displayed in cities and neighborhoods around the globe. Fatherly, a website dedicated to parenting, warns that pride parades can be “filled with sights which may be new for kids” such as public nudity or kink. Pride parades are not the most serious of places.

The article states that young children should be exposed to kink, nudity, and the “educational aspect of Pride that is paired with joy and celebration.”

According to the groomer author, families representing Black Lives Matter (huh?) Trans kids and families will march at the front of this year’s San Francisco Pride Parade. Suzanne Ford, interim executive director of San Franciso Pride, says they’re “placed before us so that we always know we still have work and that San Francisco Pride should be doing that work.” It could be that they allow groomers to get a better look at them than if they have to wait for the parade.

The article continued with a person with a Ph.D. named after her laughing about exposing children and training them to avoid sexy paraphernalia.

Jenifer McGuire is an associate professor of family sociology at the University of Minnesota. She has been to Pride celebrations around the globe with her family from Tucson to Amsterdam. McGuire is a lesbian mother who prepares her children for adult content before they go. The kids were able to anticipate nudity after a few events. They just had to have fun and learn to laugh at things. McGuire says that there were Beanie Babies with huge penises. That’s great for a fourth- or fifth-grader.

It’s super funny to think that groomers believe children should be exposed to sex at young ages. Are they ashamed? (That’s a rhetorical query.) They don’t, we know that.

Be clear: While the groomers will insist this is harmless fun and accuse you of homophobia for suggesting homosexuals are targeting children in these events, there is no other conclusion. They must overcome children’s inhibitions and disabuse them of the notion that sex between two men is unhealthy or wrong. They are counting on the fact the Beanie Babies with penises will entice your kids more than any sermon or home visit.

Parents have a responsibility for protecting their children’s innocence. You should get your child out of school if groomers are showing them inappropriate material. Never, ever let them live within ten miles from Pride events.