Here’s What Happened When a Concerned Mom Dressed Like Drag Queen at a School Board Meeting


We’ve seen for years that woke schools have hired drag queens to entertain young children as a way of teaching tolerance and diversity. You were considered a bigot if you didn’t speak out.

It was reported earlier this year that New York City schools spent more than $200,000 to put on drag shows for students.

This is just one example of the inappropriate things that are happening in schools without the consent or knowledge of woke school boards. In the name of tolerance, books that are sexually explicit are being kept in school libraries and integrated into school curricula.

Ankeny, Iowa was one school that had drag queens. Libs Of TikTok shared a video of the performance.

Kimberly Reicks (a mom) was outraged by the event and dressed up as one of the drag queens to voice her opinion.

Reicks asked, “Does this look make you turn your head?” “Does this look appropriate for anyone here?” This is how the man looked in front of our children. If this is making your head spin, it’s probably because this is what the man wore in front of our kids. It’s embarrassing for me to be here today in this outfit, but I have a point. This outfit should never be accepted in any school.

Reicks stated to The Daily Wire, that Ankeny Community Schools District was “notorious” for dismissing parental concerns.

She explained that it had been more than 131 days since the incident. “We are 32 days into the new school year and still don’t know what the result of the investigation was.” We don’t have any policies in place to prevent this from happening again.

She added, “I will take whatever steps I can to ensure that events like these are resolved and addressed.” To prove my point, I will wear the exact same outfit as the 21-year-old drag queen performer.

The school previously published footage showing the drag queens performing at the event showing that this was not a mere performance. They were also given the opportunity to groom children with gender identity propaganda.

One drag queen shared her feelings with students, “When I felt like my expression was not being heard in school or I felt like it was impossible to express myself at school, or I felt that I had to look like this school… I could be whatever I want to be.” “And I began to think, “What is gender?” And I realized that regardless of what pronouns are used, you are who and what you choose… I know in my heart that I am who it is.”