Hilarious Poll Claims Kamala Harris Would Beat Ron DeSantis in Hypothetical Presidential Contest


This is a great article for anyone who doubts polling. A Harvard University Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) poll shows that Kamala Harris, Vice President, would defeat Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, 39% to 37% in a hypothetical 2024 presidential election.

Please allow me to stop laughing.

As of June 21st, polls showed that 52 percent of voters thought Kamala was negative. In interviews, she has repeatedly faced-planted, using incomprehensible language and offering little substance. Biden gave her two main issues as of June 21, poll: voting rights and border controls. She has failed to achieve anything. Although border crossings are at an all-time high, she has not been capable of getting there. Voting rights have nearly disappeared from the national conversation.

Her interviews and cackles are legendary. Her witty quips and interviews are legendary.

She says “work together” five times in thirty seconds.

This is not material for the presidency. It’s likely it will rise even more now. DeSantis is a strong public speaker who swats away detractors with strong arguments, not unlike Kamala.

Christina Pushaw is DeSantis’ spokesperson and can be relied on almost every day to defend him from mischaracterizations by the media.

It is hotly debated whether Trump-DeSantis will run for the presidency. Recent polls show that DeSantis is often favored.

The poll, which claimed Kamala would win DeSantis’ election, was conducted between June 28 and 29. 1,308 registered voters took part. I’m a gambler and I think most people won’t be able to wake up and declare Harris the wrong choice.

It’s hard to imagine the 39% Harris voters. Kamala seems so clueless that it would be difficult to elect her as a dog catcher.

Newsweek attempts explanations of the poll, making them even more absurd.

The poll found that 71% thought Biden should not run again. 45 percent thought he was a “bad president,” while 30 percent cited his age and 26 percent thought it was time for a shift.

Harris was pleased with the results of the survey about the 2024 Democratic Primaries. Harris came in second behind Biden with 18% support, compared to the president’s 30%.

You said that 71% didn’t want Biden to run again… but Harris came in second.

Many Americans aren’t confident in polls, because they’re so inaccurate from Bush V. Gore and Trump V. Clinton.

While it’s funny to believe Kamala could beat DeSantis in a wrestling match, it’s not true.