Hillary Clinton Is Licking Her Chops As Joe Biden Falls Apart


    Hillary Clinton contemplates a presidential run for 2024, as she observes President Joe Biden’s political and physical declines, Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec stated on Thursday’s Breitbart News Live podcast with Jerome Hudson.

    Posobiec stated, “Hillary Clinton-mark my words – is putting together an exploratory campaign to either prime Joe Biden – I’ve been reporting about this at Human Events since over a month now – to either primary him, or run if that doesn’t happen.”

    He said, “We know she met with Kamala Hariri in the White House so they are making up something. And now, all of a sudden we see this Wall Street Journal article by Doug Schoen. They’re now on CNN discussing, “Is Hillary our Beto in 2024?” Doug Schoen is out there. She is looking for a return.” They’re now on CNN discussing, “Is Hillary our Beto in 2024?” She’s looking for a return.”

    Posobiec pointed out that the signaling by left-wing media of a Clinton 2024 presidential race is indicative of Democrats’ weak list of potential presidential candidates.

    He said, “That’s how awful the Democrats’ bench are. It’s terrible. They don’t have anywhere else to go. Hillary Clinton, the famous, but infamous, opportunist, is looking at the situation and saying, “You know what?” She might be right.

    Posobiec stated that Biden’s Wednesday press conference was particularly important to Clinton. He said, “There are three entities that are paying very close to that press conference: The leaders of Ukraine and the leaders from Taiwan”

    Hilary Clinton, former Secretary of State of the United States, emerges from Queen’s University after being installed as Queen’s University’s 11th chancellor. She is also the first female chancellor. Hilary was inaugurated in Belfast, on September 24, 2021. (PAUL FAITH/AFP via Getty Images).

    Posobiec stated that Republicans shouldn’t expect to cruise to congressional victories without a positive vision beyond opposition to Democrats’ leftist politics.

    He said that the Republicans seem content to sit back and enjoy victory over Joe Biden’s failures. It’s all very well, but if Republicans want the landing to be successful, they must have a strategy for governing from day one. I haven’t seen this yet, from Kevin McCarthy or the Freedom Caucus. I have not seen the Republican plan. It is a conservative agenda that says, “We are going back to normalcy.”