House GOP Releases Biden Impeachment Inquiry Resolution


The House GOP released a resolution Thursday, after months of investigation and gathering evidence that was damning. This formalized their impeachment probe into Joe Biden. A full House vote is scheduled for next week.

It’s time to move forward with the impeachment probe of Biden and adopt a resolution on impeachment. The White House, as well as multiple witnesses, have refused to cooperate in the investigation. They have also rejected subpoenas. The investigation has revealed alarming details which require further scrutiny despite this refusal. Rep. Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D. said in a press release.

The Biden family received over $24 million in foreign currency. Joe Biden received $200k from his brother James Biden on the same day James Biden was given a loan of $200,000 by a rural hospital operator in financial trouble. Joe Biden received an additional $40,000 from his brother-in-law and sister. It is now clear that the Bidens sold their influence in the world by using Joe Biden as a product. If these facts were available, an investigation would be conducted in any part of the country. The House is in the best possible position to win in court, and find the truth, if it votes on an impeachment investigation.

Voting is expected to take place on Wednesday, December 13. The House GOP is unlikely to put forward this resolution unless they are confident of its ability to pass. House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La. Last week, Mike Johnson (R-La) said that the Republicans in the House have enough votes. Joe Biden refused angrily to answer any questions about the impeachment investigation or the allegations made against him on Wednesday. He simply claimed that they were “lies.”

In the House Oversight Committee investigations, a wealth of evidence was uncovered. Eyewitnesses testified that Joe Biden participated in around 20 business meetings with Hunter Biden’s partners as well as White House meetings while he served as vice president. Financial records indicate that millions of dollars were laundered by shell companies to benefit the Biden family.

Devon Archer testified that Joe Biden played a crucial role in the sale of the “Biden Brand” and was cited by an FBI document. The House Oversight Committee discovered that Hunter Biden’s Owasco PC account was paying Joe Biden monthly payments. This money came from Chinese sources.

It’s easy for Republicans to understand why they would have jumped on board over the last few weeks, even if they were on the fence before. A full impeachment investigation is therefore justified.

The resolution begins by “Directing certain Committees to continue their investigations as part of an existing House of Representatives investigation into whether there are sufficient grounds for the House of Representatives exercising its Constitutional powers to impeach Joseph Biden President of the United States of America.”

Mainstream media have defended Joe Biden in the face of a possible impeachment investigation, insisting falsely that there are no links between Joe and Hunter’s business dealings abroad — but they’ve always been proven wrong. Even though the media has attempted to minimize the evidence against Biden in multiple polls, Americans have already been convinced by the corruption of the Biden family.

A poll by Economist/YouGov found that 72% of Americans believe Hunter Biden benefited from his father’s job, including 72% Independents and 53% Democrats. A second poll by I&I/TIPP revealed that 56% of U.S. adults believe that Biden received bribes. Only 27% disagree.