Houston Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots Robbers in Self-Defense, Fatally Wounding One


A routine delivery of pizza in Houston early morning on Sunday turned into a harrowing encounter, as a driver armed with a gun had to defend himself against would-be thieves. One of the two alleged robbers was killed in the altercation, and the other escaped.

Around 12:40 am, the driver was on his way to an apartment complex to deliver pizza. He shot the man who was allegedly trying to rob him after he feared for his life. He waited until the police arrived at the scene.

The police said that the driver was delivering a pizza to an address when he was approached by two men who demanded money and threatened violence. HPD claims that he shot one of the two men with his gun. According to reports, the second man ran away.

Shay Awosiyan, spokesperson for the House Police Department, told reporters they didn’t know yet if the alleged robbers lived in the facility or were residents.

Sgt. Mark Holbrook gave a press statement in which he described the incident.

“What we now know is that our dead victim got into an argument with a delivery driver of pizza. The pizza delivery driver shot him multiple times. On the scene, he was dead. The driver of the pizza delivery is cooperating with investigators and talking about this incident. Some witnesses witnessed parts of the incident.”

He said: “We don’t know how the pizza delivery went wrong, but we are investigating it right now.”

Ameer White revealed that the deceased, Areyeh White, was 21 years old. He expressed his confusion and sadness at the death, saying, “They say he’s the pizza delivery man, but we don’t have proof that he bought a pizza.” Why were you armed if you were the delivery man?

Later, the authorities confirmed to the media that the driver had been delivering pizza.

This is just the latest of several robberies that have occurred in Houston.

This is just one of many shootings in Houston that occurred over the weekend. Just last month, two robbers targeted a Papa John’s delivery driver in a city residential area. The suspects took the driver’s car, money, and pizza after the attack.

The case is expected to be sent to a grand jury. The focus will be on the question of whether or not deadly force was used.

This incident brings to light the dangers that delivery drivers face, as well as the policies of companies regarding the use of firearms by their employees to defend themselves from robbers or other violent criminals. The role of a driver is dangerous. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 17 percent of those injured on the job are victims of assaults, robberies, or murders. It is not surprising that some people who work in these occupations feel the need to carry firearms.