Hunter Biden Lying Through His Teeth During Press Conference


Hunter Biden arrived on Capitol Hill Wednesday. But instead of complying with the House Oversight Committee’s subpoena to give a deposition behind closed doors, he held a press briefing.

He claimed during his press conference that he was willing to testify in public, but also that his father Joe Biden did not have a financial stake in the foreign business deals he made. He said that there was no proof of this because it never happened.

Hunter said in his press conference, “They have dehumanized me and belittled my healing, all to embarrass my father who has dedicated his life to public service.” “I have been the target of Trump’s unrelenting attack team for six years.” Here’s my response to the question “Where is Hunter?” “I am here.”

His father’s Justice Department has just indicted him.

Hunter, contrary to the evidence found by the House Oversight Committee claimed that his father “was not financially involved” in his business. This included dealings with Burisma in Ukraine as well as investments in China and America.

Hunter Biden stated that there is “no evidence” to prove my father’s financial involvement in my business.

The White House initially claimed that Joe Biden had never spoken with his son Hunter about his foreign business deals. However, when the House Oversight Committee discovered that Joe Biden was involved in multiple phone calls with Hunter’s foreign business partners, the story quickly changed. Joe Biden never spoke to his son about his foreign business deals, but the narrative changed when it was revealed that Joe Biden had “not been in business” with his son.

Hunter continues to play the victim card by accusing Republicans of manipulating evidence.

“Republicans have lied over and over about every aspect [of] my personal and professional life,” Hunter Biden whined. “So much so that the false facts are believed by too many people.”

He claimed that Republicans do not want a public process in which Americans could see their tactics, expose the baseless investigation, or hear my words, even though closed-door testimony was fairly common. Hunter Biden may be trying to delay the process, or he might have plans to create a fuss at a public hearing.

Hunter’s Wednesday stunt, whatever its reasons, is likely to lead the House to hold him in contempt.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said: “I think that the House of Representatives will pass the impeachment investigation in a few short hours. That is a very important step.” “The House of Representatives has the sole power to impeach. If a majority of members of the House declares that we are in an impeachment investigation as part of our constitutional obligation to oversee, then this is significant.” This will help us to get these witnesses.”

Jordan said, “We will move forward with contempt procedures if Hunter refuses to step down.”

Come on, Republicans! You have the House majority because America chose you.