Hunter’s House Showdown: Flees Contempt Hearing After Mace Encounter and MTG’s Blasting Critique


Hunter Biden is a man who loves high drama, and he doesn’t seem to have much sense in what he is doing.

We’ve noted that he did not comply with the congressional subpoenas. Instead, he created a scene at the Capitol, attacking Republicans, and then left without complying or testifying. He was ordered to testify in private so that he could be interrogated by staff for a long time about his father’s role and there would not be any issues with the members’ ability to ask questions.

The Republicans then marked up resolutions charging him with contempt and were considering the issue at a Wednesday hearing.

Who was there at the hearing? Mr. Hunter Biden with Kevin Morris, his “sugar brother”. I don’t understand who thought it was a good plan if he didn’t fully comply with his subpoena.

Instead, he sat on the sidelines, and members of Congress ripped into him.

Hunter was going to play the drama and show up in front of an audience. But when Rep. Nancy Mace, R-SC, slammed him, he realized that it wasn’t a good idea.

Mace asked, “My first concern is who paid Hunter Biden money to come here today?”

You are the epitome of white privilege, coming to the Oversight Committee and spitting on our faces while ignoring the congressional subpoena for deposition. What do you fear? “You have no balls.”

Mace said: “I believe Hunter Biden should go to jail right away.” [….]

Hunter Biden was not afraid to sell Joe Biden’s access to anyone who paid the most when he held an elected position. Mace stated that he was not afraid to sell the Biden name, influence, and share these ill-gotten gains with his family members, including Joe Biden.

He was not afraid to compromise the integrity and the vice-presidency of the United States by having Joe Biden engage in shady deals with foreign adversaries. Hunter Biden was too scared to appear for a deposition, and you can’t do it today. Mace said, “My last message to Hunter Biden: You play stupid games and win stupid prizes.”

He could be arrested if he is there. He may not have understood that. Maybe he understood it at some point, or perhaps he realized that his plan wasn’t working and fled.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, mocked him when he was leaving.

He was then grilled by the media outside of the hearing room.

This is the question that you should ask.

I just think this wasn’t the best idea, especially since he was arraigned Thursday in a California federal courtroom on charges of tax evasion.