If You Think Joe Biden Is Bad, You’ll Love The Nightmarish Democrat Duo That Could Succeed Him


Joe Biden has become an even greater liability to the DNC because of corruption allegations. It’s likely that he will get off lightly in exchange for moving out of his way. The Democrats will have to find a new set of candidates who can replace the Biden and Harris train wreck, as they are the successors to Merrick’s police state.

Enter Gavin “Gov. Hair Gel Newsom and “Stretchin’ Gretchen Whitmer. Hair Gel” Newsom and “Stretchin'” Gretchen Whitmer.

If they ever get near Washington, this duo will become our worst nightmare. Even among their competitors, such as J.B. Pritzker or Chuck Schumer, both are particularly odious. Whitmer and Newsom, unlike the other two, are capable agents of destruction. They have mastered virtue signaling and divide-and conquer tactics straight from the Soviet Eastern Bloc. And they sound convincing doing it. Whitmer has a good look and Newsom doesn’t seem like a morbidly obese walking meme giving health advice.

Gretchen Whitmer has a resume that includes COVID lockdowns and allowing the CCP to enter Michigan. She also had a fake kidnapping plan. She went further than most Democrats, even banning items that are not “essential”, such as American flags, and, perhaps more tellingly, seeds. Her most recent efforts involve two of totalitarian’s favorite things – gun control laws and hate speech laws – one where the severity of a crime is determined by the feelings expressed by the “offended”. Combine that with her penchant for seizing food supplies and you have a warning about what is to come.

Gavin Newsom is a virulent elitist who has nothing but contempt towards his constituents. The guy is famous for circumventing lockdown rules, including his own Napa Valley Vineyard, and he doesn’t pretend to care. He couldn’t help but smile and laugh when he “apologized.”

The same exact percentage, down to the decimal point, was used in his 2018 election.

This behavior pales in contrast to his apparent desire to transform America into communist Romania where rolling blackouts are commonplace. The dictator Nicolae Ceausescu used them to his advantage, shutting off power in Bucharest at night, except for his palace and government building. Our Romanian guide, who was there at the time, said that it was about control and reminding the people of Bucharest that they were at the mercy the state. Sounds familiar?

The worst is the genital cutting sanctuary law. It allows California to take children away from parents who live out of state if they believe the child is trans. Newsom made the cutting of kids’ genitals into a human rights.

Merrick Garland is doing a good job of destroying this country, while Biden is sitting on the sidelines and eating ice-cream. Americans are awakening to the ongoing slomo combination between every major socialist/communist movement since 1917. The Democrats must bring out their big guns now while there are still depressed suburban woman, snowflake student, and public charge voters to vote for them.

Newsom and Whitmer do not even attempt to appear “electable,” as Democrats have traditionally done to counter Donald Trump. They don’t even pretend to be concerned. They don’t care because they got people to vote for their party despite huge neon flashing signs. It may be that the 2024 elections are their last chance to complete their mission. If the voters don’t turn out, they will have their way.

So get ready, America. You’re in a world full of pain if you thought Biden was bad. And God help us if one (or both) of these two gets in.