Iran Admits It Has the Technical Capabilities to Construct a Nuclear Bomb


A senior adviser to Ayatollah Ahmad Ali Khamenei, the Iranian Supreme Leader, stated that Iran is technically capable of building a nuclear bomb.

Iran denies any interest in developing a nuclear weapon. However, the regime built a nuclear infrastructure capable of building a weapon once uranium enrichment at 90% was achieved.

Iran just activated 200 centrifuges equipped with the latest technology to allow them to produce sufficient high-enriched, bomb-grade uranium in a matter of days.


Kharrazi stated Iran has the technical ability to create a nuclear weapon, but it has yet to decide to do so.

Iran has increased its enrichment up to 60%. This is a significant increase over the limit of 3.67% established by Tehran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

Trump, the former President, of the United States ended the nuclear agreement under which Iran had reduced its uranium enrichment activities. This could have led to nuclear weapons. However, economic sanctions will be lifted in exchange.

It was unidirectional, as was every other deal the United States has made. Iran was allowed to upgrade its centrifuge technology. The current IR-6 machines were created, which are more efficient and faster than previous generations. This was thanks to Israel’s courageous raid on a Tehran warehouse in 2018. Thousands of documents showed that Iran had been making bombs for a while.

The world was much more interested in Iran’s trading of tens to hundreds of billions of dollars rather than Iran keeping its nuclear genie in its bottle.

We’re going to be paying the price for our shortsightedness.

In March, after 11 months of indirect talks between Tehran and Biden’s administrations, Vienna, the outline of a renewed agreement was finally reached.

Talks were halted by obstacles like Tehran’s demand that Washington guarantees that the United States would not abandon the agreement the same way Trump did.

Biden can’t guarantee that, since the nuclear agreement isn’t legally binding but a political understanding.

Kharrazi stated the United States has not provided guarantees about the preservation of the nuclear accord and that this makes it impossible for any agreement to be reached.

The “revelation” from Khamenei’s adviser is not news to Israel. They have been carrying out a clandestine war on Iran’s nuclear program for years. In May, several quadcopters attacked Parchin, killing an engineer. The strike fit the pattern of previous Israeli attacks.

How much more evidence does Israel need to unleash its military and destroy this existential threat from Iran?