Is ‘Die Hard’ a Christmas Movie?


Each Christmas, we engage in a heated debate about whether Die Hard from 1988 is a Christmas movie.

Strong feelings can be expressed on both sides of this issue. However, I am in the “Yes it’s Christmas movie” camp because it seemed necessary to witness Hans Gruber take his dramatic plunge from the Nakatomi Building.

You don’t have my word for it. Jeb Stuart, the screenwriter of Die Hard, has confirmed that it is indeed a Christmas movie. This will hopefully end decades-long arguments.

Stuart stated to UPI that “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie. “I’m currently in L.A. and I can recall writing it years ago at Christmas. And, as someone who is from the East Coast I felt a bit of, What am I doing here in Los Angeles for Christmas?’ There’s a lot to that script.

Now that you know the official title, add Die Hard to your Christmas movie list!