Is Inflation Really Decreasing? Or Is It Just a Deception?


One organization is calling out the clever deception of “decreasing inflation.” Let’s face it inflation is still going up, just at a slightly slower rate.

Bidenomics is one of the administration’s strongest points, despite all of the economic difficulties that many Americans are experiencing. Inflation is on the rise and gas prices are continuing to increase.

Center for Renewing America published a headline that summarized the information provided by an economic expert: “The average American spends $709 MORE than two years ago to buy the same goods and services.” Center for Renewing America replied sarcastically to Biden’s slogan, “Build back better?” “Build back BROKE!”

In a Center for Renewing America Fellow, FBI whistleblower Steve Friend’s answer, he demonstrated how “decreasing the inflation” looks.

  • “Low” Inflation on prior inflation is a deception.
  • January: $1
  • February: $2 (100% inflation)
  • March: $3 (50% drop in inflation)
  • April: $4 (17% drop in inflation)
  • May: $5 (8% drop in inflation)
  • June: $6 (5% drop in inflation)
  • The government claims that the inflation rate is down, despite prices rising by 500%.

The Biden administration claims victory in reducing inflation, but we still pay more.

Biden posted on his official X Twitter account just ten days ago: “We now have the lowest rate of inflation among G7 countries. It is down by two-thirds since its peak. Bidenomics is about creating jobs, lowering costs for hardworking Americans, and making smart investments.”

Community Notes’ contextual label for Biden’s posting cited an OEC&D study. The note stated, “According to a report released on July 4, 2023, Japan was the country with the lowest inflation rate among the G7 in May of that year. The G7 inflation rate dropped from 4,6% to only 3.5% during the same time period.

Regardless of the comparison between Japan’s inflation rate and ours, the problem of inflation is still a serious one for Americans. Both the mainstream media, as well as the Democrat Party, ignore data and facts by pretending that Biden’s performance in the economy should be a cause for Democrats to feel proud.