Is There Evidence Hunter Biden Had Access to Classified Documents?


After a long email was found in Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, new questions were raised about whether Hunter Biden had unauthorized access to classified information.

Biden is already facing a special counsel investigation as well as a congressional probe over his mishandling of classified documents. But the situation has become more serious since Miranda Devine published a column in the New York Post this week about an email Hunter Biden sent to Devon Archer, his business partner, on April 12, 2014. The email contained 22 points and “research” about Ukraine.

Biden’s office and home contained classified documents about Ukraine. After his divorce, Hunter Biden lived in Wilmington, Del. at the same address where classified documents were kept.

This email raises red flags due to the way it was written, and the amount it contains that Hunter Biden probably would not have known about if he hadn’t been privy to classified information.

Hunter received an unusually long email listing 22 points about Ukraine’s current political situation. It also included detailed information about the forthcoming election. Hunter also predicted an increase in Russia’s “destabilization campaign” which could lead to an all-out takeover of the eastern regions, including Donetsk.

“The land bridge between Russia and Crimea is of strategic importance,” Hunter explained that while it won’t directly impact Burisma holdings, it will restrict future UK exploration and use of offshore opportunities.

“It will also lead to further destabilization of the UK nationally and for any govt in power.” The US will respond by imposing even more sanctions. These sanctions will endanger the EU’s tenuous support, as it does not have the political will or the will to suffer steep increases in energy prices.

Point 22 was where Hunter instructed Archer that he buy a “burner telephone” to protect their private conversations. “Buy a cell telephone from CVS or 7/11 and I will do the same.”

Devine noted that “it’s a prescient, very well-informed, email, unlike any other Hunter wrote in those nine years.”

Fox News Devine commented on Tuesday that the email reads “like a classified document.”

You have to remember that this was at a particular time, a month prior to his joining Burisma. Devine said that he needed money urgently to support his drug habit and that Burisma would pay him $83,000 per month.