Israeli Airstrikes Hit Damascus Airport


Israeli missiles targeted landing strips in Syria’s second-largest airport, Aleppo. No doubt it was no accident that the Meraj Airlines flight, which was reportedly carrying Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabadollahian on board, happened to be heading towards Damascus when the bombing occurred. Visegrad 24, a European publication, reported that “several Quds Force commanders from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps were also on board the flight and several tons of anti-tank weapons for Hezbollah.”

Flight trackers confirm that Amirabdollahian is on the Meraj flight, which is usually reserved for Amirabdollahian. Another report says he was on another flight. I will update this post as soon as more reliable info is available. I’m still waiting for confirmation from more sources.

Video of the strike

According to the BBC, the two airports are not only used for civil aviation, but they also house military bases that are transit points for Iranian weapons sent to Hezbollah.

Score one for the good guys. Before we go any further, I do not want to hear a word about Israel “escalating the conflict”. Hezbollah, which is funded by Damascus as well as Tehran, is committed to Israel’s destruction. Israel’s war with Iran/Iranian proxy states has been ongoing for many years. The only escalation that has occurred is the terror attack by Hamas on Israel on Saturday.

Let’s get back to the news of today.

The Syrian state media — and there are no others — acknowledged that the strikes “damaged the landing strips at the two airports putting them out of service.”

Hezbollah could have used those anti-tank rockets to attack Israel in the north as the fighting continues further south, around and within the Gaza Strip. This week, there was an alarm raised by Hezbollah paragliders from Lebanon. However, this report proved to be false.

Tehran reports that the Meraj flight landed in Baghdad a few miles east of its intended destination. Amirabdollahian was forced to change course for Baghdad after the flight’s tracker showed that:

The war in Gaza continues to escalate.

Israel has cut off electricity and water in the Gaza Strip as part of its siege. I’ll be releasing a report on how Hamas has made Gaza dependent upon Israel in both areas, for VIPs only. Jerusalem says it will restore both as soon as Hamas frees the 150 hostages that were kidnapped in the terror attack earlier this week.

Hamas has, of course, refused.

I would like to shake Rep. Dean Philips’s hand right now. Ilhan Omar, I give you the side-eye. It’s good to see at least one Minnesota Democrat who can tell the difference between right and wrong.

Israeli Air Force jets are reported to have bombed Hamas’ Intelligence and Security Headquarters. The IAF may have been lucky, as the I&S team had a large meeting with all of the top people in the building this morning.

Exit question: Is there a name for this war? Gaza War? Hamas War Israeli-Palestinian War? We shouldn’t name it before we know all the players.