It Will Never, Ever Be Enough


The progressive left is not forgiven. There is no guarantee of salvation. There is no safety net. Only constant penance is possible. They can only allow it as the only sacrament.

Leftists should not be content with their beliefs as they may face the wrath of cancel culture at any time. They can only protect their reputations, and their egos by pushing leftwards, pushing towards the fringes. They should be the loudest, angriest, and most victim-like. It’s only a matter of time before they all come face-to-face with the impossible rules that their religion imposes on them.

Jameela Jamil is an example. The actress is best known for her role in ‘The Good Place, a show you should see if you don’t mind. She has been active on social media since 2020 when the award-winning series ended. What? Well…everything. Green energy. Feminism. Hashtag me too. Most importantly, LGBTQ causes. Although you might think that Jamil’s leftist activism was a great thing for her brand, in reality, it has often had the exact opposite effect. After declaring herself “queer”, the British beauty was accused of gay-baiting. She had never been in a heterosexual relationship, and she only had male romantic partners. Jamil tried to get on board the “you’re whatever you identify yourself as” train for clicks but didn’t realize that the rules were not consistent and that the rules are being changed every day by the people who make them.

She is now in serious trouble for misgendering an account on Twitter. She responded by pointing to the obvious…how is she supposed to know who you really are from a tweet comment?

It’s hard to know who I should root for. Or do I root for the idiot on Twitter who is showing how absurd “gender-queerโ€ ideology is? Or should I support the arrogant actress proving just how absurd “gender-queerโ€ ideology is?

Iโ€™m sure much to her extreme pleasure, Jamil got her very own trending tab on the Twitter sidebarโ€ฆ#IStandWithJameelaJamil and a lot of people chimed in. Much like fellow Brit J.K.Rowling, Jamil went from proud liberal leftist with all the accompanying bonafides to TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist *insert eye roll emoji here) in 60 seconds flat.

Despite the fact that she insults and denigrates Christians and conservatives, it doesn’t matter. She misgendered a Twitter post that was faceless and genderless. She’s now Pat Robertson wearing a dress.

Could she take a lesson? If you deliberately demonize a whole group of people you donโ€™t know, based only on your politics, eventually, the winds will shift and you will find yourself in the middle of a crapstorm. Karma is basically a bitch.

Although I doubt she will take any lessons from this, maybe she will one day close social media and be closing her eyes as she contemplates how horrible she treats people, not like herself. Then, perhaps they’ll realize that she has a point.

The “gender-queer insanity” is set to crumble in on itself.

This requires a lot of changes to the English language and basic grammar. It is also impossible to do in other languages due to gendered conjugation rules. Perhaps trans-radical activists could gain more members if they had the common sense to be polite, choose reminders over rage, and be polite. This is not something we need to be concerned about. They don’t have such a sense. They feel validated and hate women. This hatred is driven by the fact that they cannot ever be themselves or they hate being us. This requires constant rage. Rage is their Golden Rule and all their Commandments. They know it’s the only way to be seen.

Jamil will, I am sure, get down on her knees and apologize “sincerely” soon enough. But for now, it is worth noting that she hasn’t failed to notice the obvious.

You will never win. You can’t stop pushing until you reach the edge. Jamil has often been vocal about her support of LGBTQ causes, to the point where she can seem overbearing. Jamil is proud of her Pride support. After one rude tweet, she is now a TERF. Jamil could offer the same grace to her ideological opponents as she asks people to offer to him. She should learn from this experience that progressive mobs will never have enough.

We won’t hold our breath but we wouldn’t otherwise. We are too busy laughing at cannibals.