Italy: Degrading attack on 13-year-old ‘by youths who illegally entered the country as minors’


What could be more Diverse(tm) than an old-fashioned seven-on-one-garden-gang-rape of a minor?

Via Il Giornale (translated from Italian, emphasis added):

Another horrific story of sexual abuse, another young victim. Catania is shocked by the rape of a 13-year-old girl in one of the oldest gardens in Sicily, the Villa Bellini municipal garden, by a group of seven Egyptians. According to information, the District and Juvenile Prosecutor’s Offices ordered the Carabinieri to arrest the seven suspects. Three of them are minors. The seventh man, who had initially escaped being arrested, was found at Piazza Dante around 1.30 pm, as he was attempting to retrieve his belongings before fleeing.

Violence against the 13-year-old dates back to January 30, the evening: According to a first reconstruction provided by the Carabinieri, the group approached the young woman and the seventeen-year-old boyfriend near the bathrooms in the Villa Bellini municipal garden, which was almost deserted at that time. The foreigners threatened the couple at a later date: the boy would be beaten and immobilized, while the 13-year-old was raped while the five other suspects watched. After the second attack, the woman was in pain and panic. She found the strength to escape her abuser with her boyfriend.

Repubblica reported that the victims screamed, but no one came running to their rescue. After the violent incident, two people were rescued in the nearby Via Etnea by passersby.

The police identified the seven suspects based on the testimony of the victim and boy, and their investigations – beginning with the video surveillance images taken inside Villa Bellini. Carabinieri from the Investigative Unit, along with colleagues in the Scientific Investigations Section, also collected a variety of biological traces. Seven young people were arrested. Three were sent to the prison in Catania Piazza Lanza, another was placed under house arrest, and the remaining three were taken to Catania’s initial reception center.

Many of my European friends who are exiled in expatdom refuse to return home because they do not want to be gang raped or have their belongings stolen from their homes. The police, it seems, have no interest in taking action.

Douglas Murray’s book “The Strange Death of Europe”, if I may recommend some light reading, is a great examination of the current replacement migration.