Jamie-Lynn Sigler Slams Ozempic Craze, Warns of ‘Abuse’ by ‘Beautiful and Healthy’ Individuals


Jamie Lynn Sigler of “The Sopranos” has had it with the Ozempics hype that has swept Hollywood and beyond.

Oprah Winfrey, Sharon Osbourne, and others have publicly admitted to using the drug.

Sigler, who has a history of eating disorders, finds this trend “triggering”.

“I’m annoyed at myself that I’m admitting this, and I’d like to get to the bottom of why,” she said on her podcast “MeSsy” which she hosts with fellow actress Christina Applegate. “I’m a little triggered by all the Ozempic stuff. It’s upsetting me. I wish I didn’t care.”


“I have known several people who’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in their lives. They have struggled with their weight for a very long time. And I have seen the difference it made. Sigler said, “I am thrilled for her.”

“I have seen friends who were beautiful, healthy, and perfect abuse it. It upsets me.

Ozempic is a Type 2 Diabetes medication approved by the FDA that can also be used to lose weight.

Sigler said later in the episode: “I do not know of a woman who has been spared from this.”


She said, “Here is the reason I feel triggered with all these weight loss drugs right now, it’s because I felt like we were on this path of really, like, solidifying body positive and every size and color.”

Now everyone looks the same.

Sigler’s not the only celebrity to express concern about Ozempic. Kate Winslet Rob Lowe Brooke Burke, Mark Wahlberg, and others have voiced their concerns.