Joe Biden Bends the Knee on Student Loan Forgiveness, but His Corruption Looms Large


Although there hasn’t been much good news in the past week, one bright spot has emerged. Our previous reporting has shown that Joe Biden’s illegal plan to forgive student loans was stopped by a Texas federal court.

American taxpayers would have paid between $500 billion to $1 trillion for the plan, and Congress could not take any of it. Contrary to previous claims, the Biden administration has stopped anyone from applying for their student loans to be “canceled”.

This is a clear indication that the White House doesn’t intend to win this battle. It’s a safe bet that it will end up at the US Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court has not been kind to Biden’s executive excesses. The president doesn’t have the power to unilaterally impose a large amount of debt on taxpayers in order to benefit a select group of Americans. Many of these Americans are already wealthy or have the education to be well-off. It is absurd to make a welder pay for the vacation of a pre-med student.

Although the student loan fraud by Biden looks unlikely to be implemented, it has already caused serious damage. Younger voters were attracted to the Democratic Party in the 2022 election because they believed that the daddy government would save them from their obligations. This had a non-negligible impact on reducing the red wave everyone believed was coming before Tuesday. Those people now know that they were manipulated and I have no sympathy for them.

It is alarming that Biden will get away with it. Yes, Biden’s stupid, illegal plan was defeated. The Supreme Court will likely follow his path. But, the President of America was able to buy an election with an illegal order. He knew it would never be seen.

Consider all the power abuses that are incentivized. Do you need to win a midterm? Sign an order that gives a large group of people free stuff. When they realize that they won’t be getting the free stuff they want, their votes will already have been secured and they will not be able to change it. Better yet, why not just take the nation’s strategic oil reserves and drain them with a stroke of a pen to artificially lower the gas price?

This is all made more frustrating by the fact that not even a few voices from the right seem to care. Biden used his office incoherently to influence an election. The worst thing that could happen to him is a few harsh words in a legal opinion. Things will only get worse unless there are real consequences for presidents who deliberately ignore the law to gain political advantage.