Joe Biden Falsely Claims It’s Patriotic To Get Vaccinated


    President Joe Biden recently gave a sloppy answer to a simple question and claimed that the coronavirus vaccine was a patriotism act. Biden was being interviewed by a local Ohio television station about legal obstacles to his vaccine mandates and he deceived the public by claiming that the vaccine stopped the spread of the disease. This is a completely false statement. It doesn’t. It just slows it down. He also claimed that it was patriotic to be vaccinated.

    Biden said that this is the problem and everybody talks of freedom as not having a shot or taking a test. He claimed that patriotism is making sure that you are vaccinated so that you don’t spread the disease to others.

    America’s whole concept is built on individual liberty. This means that we have the freedom to live our lives however we want. Two responsibilities come with this glorious freedom: First, we must not interfere with the rights of others to live their life as they choose. The second is to accept how others live their lives. This is the key to world peace. It is not patriotic to get vaccinated. Tolerance for the vaccination choices of other men is what is patriotic. This is the same for these ridiculous masks.

    It is not patriotic and American to force others into making their decisions for you if they do not affect yours.

    Biden’s only statement that came close to the truth was “This is the pandemic of unvaccinated.” The unvaccinated are not the ones who should be vaccinated.

    Although some people are still getting the China Flu and some are even dying from it, the number of those who have been vaccinated is significantly lower than that of the unvaccinated.

    Colorado Gov. Jared Polis was the only person to get this right and stated that everyone had ample opportunity to be vaccinated. He continued by saying that you don’t have to make people wear jackets when they go outside in winter. If they get frostbite it is their fault.

    Polis has the same attitude to mask mandates that he opposed. Polis stated that they now have vaccines that are far more effective than masks. True patriotism is that right. Everybody has the right to make their choice. Everyone is responsible for their choices. Now it’s time for normal living.