Joe Biden Says MAGA Republicans Want to Defund the Police


In his degrading and confused mind, Old Joe Biden knows that Democrats will win 2024 if they can run away from his disastrous presidency’s record. This includes adopting America-First rhetoric and actively working to conceal some of the worst aspects of the Left’s agenda. Biden even stated that the people who were most opposed to these agenda items were the ones who advocated them. Given the state of the media, this is exactly what Joe Biden believes he can do.

Old Joe read his teleprompter Tuesday at the Boys & Girls Club West San Gabriel Valley in Monterey Park, Calif., at an event on reducing gun violence. This emotionalism was meant to get support for new restrictions that would allow law-abiding rational Americans to defend their rights.

Along the way, Old Joe took the opportunity to blame his all-purpose scapegoat, patriotic Americans who supported his predecessor for creating the evils that he was claiming to be combating now: “Congressional Republicans,” Biden declared, “should pass my budget instead of calling for cuts to these services or defunding the police or abolishing the FBI, as we hear from our MAGA Republican friends.” This wasn’t a one-off, either; on March 9 also, Biden claimed that “MAGA Republicans are calling for defunding the police departments.”

Let’s wait a minute. MAGA Republicans asked for it. Biden said this right after he said: “Last week, I laid out our budget that will invest in safer communities.” He wanted to give the impression that MAGA Republicans are cruel and heartless monsters who don’t care if people die in wanton violence. He opposed any sensible protection measures for Americans.

Biden and his staff probably know that patriotic Americans want to end the FBI. They are not trying to protect Americans from rising criminality (which Leftist policies have caused), but rather because the FBI is corrupted, politicized, and they know this. It harasses law-abiding Americans because they protest at school boards and treat them as terrorists, instead of working with terrorists.

Agents were pressured by the FBI to raise domestic extremism in support of the Biden regime’s repeated claims white supremacists pose the greatest terrorist threat to the country. This is to help the regime’s ultimate goal to label MAGA Republicans “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” as Biden stated last September in a threatening statement.

The FBI was responsible for destroying Americans’ freedom to speak if they disagreed with the regime’s line. It is no longer an agency that could do anything to protect Americans.

How about “defunding the police”? This utopian idea was far Left from the beginning. Biden now attempts to cynically hang it around patriots he loathes so much. His goal is to convince some indifferent voters that this sinister and counterintuitive policy was devised by his opponents.

The brazenness of this effort, however, is simply breathtaking. As recently as June 2022, the Daily Wire reported that “While the nation has been reeling from rising crime during the Biden administration, ‘defund the police’ advocates have been visiting the White House or meeting with White House aides, White House visitor logs reveal.” But come on, man! Low-information voters don’t look at White House visitor logs. Old Joe believes that he can lie to them with impunity. After all, he has gotten away with lying since 1965, when he escaped being kicked out of law school for plagiarism. Why stop now, when lying has always worked for him?