Joe Biden Wants Us to Pay for His Total Leadership Failure


Are we near the Biden presidency where Kamala can make a snort and say, “Let’s eat cake!”?

Joe Biden was confronted with embarrassing headlines (if he could feel embarrassment), Friday morning in Los Angeles. The new inflation numbers had been released and even though they are reported in a biased manner, they showed that inflation has reached its highest point in 40 years. Biden said that inflation was temporary and that we would be fine just a few months back. We’re not.

Was there a solution for Biden? There is hardly any. We summarized Biden’s speech at the Port of Los Angeles in a perfect way:

Biden made claims in his speech that greedy oil companies are not causing gas prices to rise. Gluttony shipping companies are not responsible for rising shipping costs. These prices have risen because of the Biden administration’s terrible monetary policy. The president is stuck with $2 trillion of his own money, which was a disaster at a time when the economy was already too hot. Instead of leading, Biden continues to make false claims about Russia and slam oil companies in the face of this crisis.

Biden would like Congress to pass a bill that limits the profits of shipping companies. But, it’s not the solution to the economic problems. People who are familiar with the situation, such as those who have lived through the 1970s, can see the signs and recognize the need for leadership. Because we are familiar with Jimmy Carter’s experiences, we know what it is like to be leaderless in difficult times and how it prolongs the misery. We are not being told the truth right now by the White House, congressional Democrats, or any other administration official. Because we can see the truth in empty bank accounts and price tags, we know it. We also have free access to the press, which is a good thing.

We need a free press to fight back against leftists and their degrading policies to save America. We need your support to keep doing this.

The radical left does everything possible to inspire its voters. This is why pro-abortion activists are pushing the issue of “abortion rights” to harass our conservative Supreme Court justices. Even though their inflammatory rhetoric resulted in an armed young man entering Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home to kill him, the pro-abortion crowd is already planning to close DC this week to continue the protests.

It is time to intensify our efforts to prepare for the midterm elections. This includes spotlighting the races of the candidates that mainstream media doesn’t want to cover and uncovering corruption the mainstream media won’t. It will take everyone working together to defeat the leftist agenda.