Joe Manchin Rules Out 2024 Presidential Run


In an interview Wednesday, Joe Manchin, a Democratic West Virginia Senator, stated that he would not run for president in 2024.

Hoppy Kercheval of Metro News radio, an influential figure in West Virginia’s politics, interviewed him at the West Virginia State Capitol. Manchin stated, “I’m no candidate for President of United States.” Kercheval was told by Manchin that his presidential ambitions could change in two years, one year and a quarter from now.

Manchin said, “You don’t know who the Democrat or Republican nominee will be.” “My goal is for the country to come together.”

Senator Manchin is a strong centrist in Senate. He has not yet announced whether he will run again for a third term. Despite West Virginia’s overwhelming support for Donald Trump, he was narrowly reelected against Patrick Morrisey in 2018.

After he backed President Joe Biden’s $739 billion Inflation Reduce Act, Manchin’s approval rating in West Virginia fell to 26% in August 2022. It included various subsidies for renewable energy and greatly increased IRS funding.

Republican West Virginia Rep. Alex Mooney announced his challenge to Manchin. Jim Justice, the state’s GOP Governor, is widely expected against Mooney to win the Republican nomination.

The Tarrance Group polled Senator Leadership Fund members from February 5-7 and found Justice ahead of Manchin by 52% to 42% in general election matchups. Justice would win the Republican nomination, winning 53% of the vote to Morrisey’s 21% and Mooney’s 16%. The poll showed that Manchin would defeat Morrisey, Mooney and all three in a general election.