John Oliver’s Attempt to ‘Bribe’ Clarence Thomas Backfires with Epic Mic Drop Response


For years, the hatred of Clarence Thomas by the left has been a burning fire.

They have gotten more aggressive with conspiracy theories and other absurd efforts because they cannot stand the fact that he is a conservative black judge who is brilliant. They are also worried that he will rule against them in matters related to former president Donald Trump.

John Oliver of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight”, who is a host, has made one of the most stupid attempts to date. He offered Thomas $1 million a year for as long as Oliver and he is both alive, as well as a $ 2.4 million tour bus if he would get “the f**k” off the Supreme Court.

That sure looks like bribery. Oliver finds it funny because it leads him down a rabbit hole of leftist conspiracies when it comes to Thomas. They don’t have anything on Thomas and aren’t interested in asking real questions about, say, Justice Sonia Sotomayor or the use of her staff to push book sales.

Oliver isn’t aware that he is proving how effective Thomas is, and how scared the left of him is.

They don’t realize how much more superior he is to them and how much he has had to endure from the left throughout the years.

Journalist Lara Logan mocked this silly behavior.

Carrie Severino – who was a clerk to Justice Thomas – provided the best response. She posted Thomas’ response to the attacks by the media we previously reported about, and this is just mic-drop perfection.

Thomas told the media that he would leave the Court if he did his job as badly as they do theirs. Thomas added, “And it was meant as a compliment” as he laughed deeply.

Thomas continued to laugh, as he smashed the media nonsense.

You idiots will not get him out no matter what you do.