Josh Hawley, It’s Time to Bury the Old GOP


After the midterm elections which were expected to produce a massive red wave, speculations and accusations are rife. However, the Senate was under Democrat control while the House remained unconfirmed. The debate has intensified due to gross (and ongoing) incompetence and accusations of cheating. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) One opinion was unanimous after the election: The “old” GOP is dead and must be replaced.

Hawley tweeted Saturday, “The old party has died.” It’s time to put it away. Build something new.” Hawley recently criticized Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, (R-Ky.), who is being criticized for taking funding from Republican candidates such as Blake Masters in the Arizona Senate race. Breitbart reported that McConnell was also criticized by Hawley.

According to reports, Hawley said that he would not support McConnell’s continued Senate Republican leadership. “I don’t know if any other senator will be running or not. No one has indicated that they will. Hawley said that he believes we need to have new leadership in this position. Hawley criticized the Republican leadership for the midterm losses.

He joined Marco Rubio (R.Fla.) in calling for a deferred vote on the Republican Senate leadership until after Georgia’s runoff election. “Exactly right. Hawley tweeted, “Exactly right.