Judge Blocks Policy Requiring Parental Notification for Gender Transitioning


News 12 New Jersey reported on a New Jersey Superior Court’s temporary blocking of a school policy that required teachers to notify parents about circumstances affecting a child’s mental and physical well-being if sexuality, gender identification, or gender transgendering were involved.

HTBOE released a statement Wednesday, saying the board believes that parents should be informed about any material issues which may affect their child. They can then provide the best possible care and support for their children.

The Board is committed to defending this common-sense policy that protects the rights of parents and ensures the safety of all schoolchildren.

The policy is called “Parental notification of material circumstances”. The policy states that school staff must “say something” if they “see something that could negatively impact the social/emotional well-being of a student.”

This policy gives several examples of situations that may lead to an alert.

Other issues include “pornography” and “sexual activity”, as well as “sexual orientation, transitioning or gender identity, alcohol use, and gang affiliation. ”

New Jersey Gov. Murphy, who opposes the policy of notification of parents by the school board has been vocal in his opposition. The bill was framed to force teachers “out” of LGBTQ+ students before their parents. It also violates students’ rights and threatens their mental health.

The policy went into effect on Tuesday. Matt Platkin filed a civil rights complaint with the New Jersey Attorney General on Wednesday, to stop the policy’s implementation.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, AG Platkin said that “We will stand up for the LGBTQ+ Community in New Jersey.” “We are looking forward to making our arguments in court. ”

HTBOE denies AG Platkin’s claims that the policy discriminates against and targets LGBTQ students.

In a New Jersey 101.5 statement, New Jersey Senator Joe Pennacchio stated: “Attorney General Platkin is trying to make this an LGBTQ matter but that’s not what the policy is about. ”

Pennacchio praised Hanover for its efforts in educating parents on anything that could affect their mental or physical well-being.

Ed Durr (New Jersey Senator, R-Gloucester) told the outlet it is not surprising that Murphy Administration has once again acted against transparency and parental right.

“While Governor Murphy and Attorney General Platkin seem to believe that a chilly embrace from a social worker in the government will suffice to help any child thrive, we feel parents are the best caregivers.”

News 12 New Jersey reported on the ban, which will last until the 30th of May when both sides will present their arguments.