Judge Calls Leftist Muslim Lawyer Who Firebombed Police Car A Remarkable Person


Merrick Garland’s courageous Justice Department stopped Donald Trump from being indicted for a crime that would have prevented his re-election as president.

Washington Free Beacon noted that Urooj Rahman was holding the Molotov cocktail which she would throw at those who must be detained. “Urooj Rahman was sentenced Friday to 15 months in prison after the Biden Justice department intervened and asked the court for a sentence of fewer than 10 years.”

You get 15 months instead of ten years. Rahman wasn’t happy about the deal. Peter Baldwin, her lawyer, stated that he was disappointed with the outcome but that Urooj could move on to the next phase of her life.

Urooj Rahman could see that she wouldn’t even be able to get the 15 months. After Trump’s insistent on aggressive prosecution, they reached a sweetheart deal with the Biden Justice department to ask that the court allow them to relax.

Worse, U.S. district judge Brian Cogan clearly fell for Rahman and told Rahman, according to the Associated Press, “She was a remarkable individual who committed a terrible act in one night. ”

Brian Cogan is a remarkable man. He was an appointee to George W. Bush and revealed his political stance on almost everything. Judge Cogan, an unnamed “other lawyer”, and Old Joe Biden were all in agreement with Urooj Rahman. She will skate with a sentence so light that it is not proportional to what she did.

Imagine Judge Cogan telling Jan. a right-wing extremist. If he has such high opinions of Urooj Rahman, it is possible that Cogan might throw the book at Jan.6 defendants.

It’s understandable that Urooj Rahman is treated with such childishness by everyone. Her lawyers suggested that her activism for justice and social justice be considered a contributing factor. Rahman did not have to worry. She had no records that contained anything dangerous or heinous like her support for Donald Trump. Rahman also had no doubts about the honesty and integrity of the 2020 presidential election.

Rahman said that the Molotov cocktail had been thrown in an interview right before it took place.