Kamala Harris Backed Bail Fund Released Man Now Charged With Murder, Again


Vice President Kamala Harris has a lower approval rating than President Joe Biden and all her predecessors. Even with these low standards, VP Harris outperforms herself in the race for the bottom.

Tuesday’s Minnesota Alpha News reported that Shawn Michael Tillman, a St Paul resident, was arrested for murder. This comes just weeks after Tillman was rescued from an indecent exposure charge filed by the progressive Minnesota Freedom Fund. This controversial organization has a history of bailing out violent offenders. It was promoted by Kamala Hariri in 2020 during George Floyd protests. Harris wrote the following tweets from her personal account on Twitter:

“Don’t forget to chip into the @MNFreedom Fund if you can to post bail for protestors on the ground in Minnesota.”

Even Kamala Harris, who is a little sloppy, would be able to tell that protesting was not illegal. However, there was violence and property destruction in Minnesota. Rioters had already taken over a police station and set fire to it. When Harris offered her support, Minnesota looked almost like the Luftwaffe had triumphed.

Arizona GOP Congressional District 1 Candidate Josh Barnett deserves a special mention for making it right two years back: “You are disgraceful to our country!”

Here, rioters can be seen destroying law enforcement vehicles and tearing down fencing. Later in the night, they would set fire to the police precinct.

Minneapolis looked like a warzone. This was what some viewers found exciting, while Hollywood celebrities cheered on the destruction.

My colleague reported that the fund received over $35 million in donations. Kamala Harris, and at least 13 Biden campaign staffers, donated to the fund. The murder Tillman was charged with, but that would not have occurred without MFF posting bail. This isn’t the first time the fund has failed to protect communities from criminals in custody.

It is quite shameful that a Vice President supported criminals who set fire to a city, including a precinct and police station, making it look like a war zone. It is disgusting that a Vice President solicited donations for a fund to release dangerous criminals into the local community. This resulted in violent assaults as well as a growing number of homicides.

Tillman was previously convicted eight times of indecent exposure and a weapon charge. Tillman is charged with murder in a rivalry. He is accused of firing six bullets from his handgun on his victim, who was located near a light-rail station. This was caught on video surveillance and investigators believe it happened at 4 AM. Minnesota Republican legislators continue to attempt to prohibit organizations such as MFF from operating within the state. Fox News reports that Harris’ office has yet to respond to comment requests.