Kamala Harris Snubs Joe Biden as Tensions Grow


There have been many stories about tensions between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over the past year. Reports show that Jill Biden didn’t want Harris on the ticket. Also, the vice president’s camp has gone so far as to accuse the White House of racism. These reports are just a few of many.

Harris recently refused to make a video on social media about student loan cancellations, because Biden’s policies are not progressive enough.

Kamala Harris’ office began working with the White House to create videos on social media that promoted the extension of the administration’s pause in federal student loan payments.

According to two White House officials, Harris’ office rejected the proposal.

Harris argued for loan forgiveness. As progressives push to have tens of thousands of student loans canceled unilaterally by Biden, the vice president is increasingly wary of participating in the administration’s public response.

These delicate politics is indicative of wider divisions in administration concerning student debt relief. This is a heated debate that goes all the way to the top.

I find it amazing.

First, it’s very strange for a president not to have control over his own government so that the vice president refuses to participate in major policy initiatives. Joe Biden does not appear to be in charge. His far-left handlers may have sympathized with Harris here, which would allow her to duck out.

It’s not common for administrations to disagree on something as simple and straightforward as an education policy. The progressive policy does not include canceling $10,000 of student debt for wealthy people or those with high-income potential.

My next point is Harris. Harris is deeply dislikable by Americans. Every poll I have seen shows that Harris was beaten by Donald Trump in 2024.

She is instead running further to her right. This will not help Harris reach a greater share of the electorate. This is a sign of how terrible Harris’ political instincts really are.

She could keep running to the cliff but she doesn’t have to. Harris somehow makes Hillary Clinton seem capable. If the vice president wants to jump off a cliff head first, then do it, I am not here to stop her.