Kamala Harris’s ‘Interview’ with Al Sharpton Exposes Her Biggest Weakness


We reported that at the beginning of 2023, rumors started to circulate about Democrat movers in key battleground states starting the uncomfortable second-guessing over Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s VP.

The Washington Post ran a report on the growing number of Harris critics among Democrat activists. Some pointed out that Harris “didn’t know enough about what she was doing.” Others spoke about the incredible luck Harris had to get where she is today.

The Washington Post, though they left out that Harris was involved with a married power couple early in her career who appointed her to two state commissions while I was Assembly Speaker, reported that she “won her Senate seat in 2016 against weak opposition,” according to Harris’ critics.

They also noted that “in 2019, her presidential campaign ended before one ballot was cast. Doomed by a poor performance on the campaign trails, a lack of support, dwindling resources, and turmoil amongst her advisors”.

Eight months after Harris ended her campaign for president, she was chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate. Not because of any special talent, but because powerful, woke Democrats insisted that Biden choose a woman of color as a condition for their support of his campaign.

Harris’ public image has not changed much since her failed bid for the presidency. Polls have consistently shown that she will be a liability to Biden in 2024.

Although her defenders quickly trot out race and sexism as excuses for her low approval rating, the real issue with Kamala is not her love of word salads but her lack of authenticity and air of superiority in public appearances.

She has a condescending tone that is barely contained, as we have seen her insult certain audiences by addressing them like children. Perhaps more interesting are her obvious acting performances during interviews. Below is a clip of a recent interview she gave with race hustler/MSNBC presenter Al Sharpton.

Sharpton asked Harris to tell him what she first thought of when she woke in the morning. She looked him in the eyes with a serious expression on her face, and she said, “Our democracy.” Does anyone believe that? She paused as if expecting Sharpton’s approval. She then shook her head exasperatedly and said, “Rev. I think there’s a lot at stake here.”


She could still be in the running for an Academy Award, even if she didn’t win. It’s almost like she has theater coaches who tell her how to maximize the effect of certain words and gestures. It’s not just me who notices that the realness is almost always missing when she sits for these events, and replaced with her flair for scripted drama.

Kamala Harris, as I have said before, is and will always be her worst enemy. When one’s career begins as Harris’ did, the person will inevitably be treated with preferential treatment. As you rise the ladder, you begin to expect that you will be treated with preferential treatment and given fawning press interviews because of “who” you are and what you represent historically.

It turns out that Kamala’s interviews are not going to be easy. She has an authenticity issue, which was noticed by Democratic voters in 2019, including female and black voters. It’s also something voters across the country have seen over the past two and a quarter years.

This issue will have an impact on the Biden and Harris campaign in 2024. Harris, who could replace Biden if he retires at 80 years old, is being scrutinized.

I think the only question that remains is how much she will hurt their chances of reelection. She’s not only as genuine as a $3 bill but also not very good at her job.