Kamala’s Bold Escape: Vice President Flees D.C. Amidst Bipartisan Mockery Uproar!


Joe Biden spent about 40% of his presidency on vacation. But he is not the only White House official who enjoys being absent. Los Angeles Times has revealed that Kamala is spending more time in California. Why? She wants to escape the “scorn” and criticism that she receives from both sides.

The article says that Harris has struggled to find the time to spend at home, even though she is constantly criticized by Republicans and her party. While President Biden makes it a habit to return home every week to Delaware, a taxpayer-funded cross-country flight from L.A. to L.A. can be difficult to justify, unless there is an official purpose. Harris’s trips to L.A. to visit her family are usually disguised as an event celebrating a small local business or to raise awareness of one of Harris’ policy priorities such as Black reproductive rights or maternal healthcare. The vice president also spent the first half of her term in Washington to cast tiebreaking votes in an evenly divided Senate.

The article can read like a smarmy piece about a celebrity showing her sanctuary from paparazzi, but the harsh reality of Harris’s lackluster Vice President is leaking through. The article states that “the Brentwood house, hidden by its lush surroundings, has been transformed into a sanctuary for one the world’s biggest figures.” The four-bedroom house is 3,500 square feet and less than a half-mile from Sunset Boulevard. It’s also about a 10-minute drive to the Will Rogers State Historic Park. Reporters are not allowed in. In October, protesters in cars gathered outside Harris’ house to demand a ceasefire in the Israel/Hamas conflict, but Harris was not there to hear them.

Next, you can insert the paragraph that tries to make it seem as if she is important even though she is in Washington.

Harris, as vice president, is briefed several times per day and reporters follow her to events. At home, Harris can escape the spotlight and recharge by cooking, chatting, or watching her family from the kitchen.

Ask anyone who has worked in D.C. – in Congress, the Senate, or the White House – the trip from California is not easy. Brian Brokaw said that it doesn’t matter whether you are on Air Force Two, United, or any other flight. “When she is home, she wants that comfort to the extent she can see a small and tight group.

Friends and aides claim that she does not consider it her home, but rather the house of the people. She redecorated it in the tradition of her predecessors and added her Californian touches, but according to Sen. Laphonza (D-Calif.), an old friend and advisor for Harris’ 2020 campaign, the residence was on “borrowed” time.

We should all cry a river. It’s a hard life.

There’s that smarminess all over again. It is an excellent attempt to make Kamala seem like a family woman by highlighting the Sunday family dinners, which are her “most sacred tradition.” The article claims that Harris begins planning dinners in the middle of the week and creates “a choreographed meal where everyone plays a part.”

She probably doesn’t have the time to go south.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Harris has hidden out in her Los Angeles house to avoid being ridiculed by Republicans and Democrats. Is it really that different from Joe Biden, who hid from the public during 40% of his tenure as president? He is trying to conceal his age and cognitive issues, while she just wants to avoid being a liability for the campaign.