Kevin Costner Wins Child Support Battle


After two days of testimony, a judge decided that Kevin Costner would not have to increase his monthly child support payments following the divorce proceedings with his estranged ex-wife Christine Baumgartner.

Costner was awarded $63,209 in child support each month by Judge Thomas Anderle.

Baumgartner had requested the payment be increased by $31,837 for a monthly total of $161,592. It had been temporarily set at $129,755.

Costner, who testified at the hearing on Friday, was asked about his finances. However, he seemed to have little idea of how much he makes and spends. Costner testified that his wife had “left” him while referring to documents he received from his accountant regarding his financial figures. According to the divorce petition, the couple split up on April 11.

He told the lawyer of his estranged spouse that he signed the document because he thought the amount was very high, but despite this, a large number appeared to him. “I trusted them, and I signed,” – he said about the income and expense figures his lawyers submitted to the court.

Costner was asked if Baumgartner’s expenses were included. He responded: “Is that after the day I left her?”

Costner’s past memories were evident during his testimony, as he recalled Baumgartner adding personal touches to the $145 million Carpenteria house they shared when married.

Costner said Baumgartner’s rental property, which she moved into after being ordered by a court to leave the family home, is “comparable”, but “not the same” as the Beach Club Compound that they shared.

Costner replied, “It is tricky,” when asked if Baumgartner would trade houses with him. Costner explained that his children were raised in the Beach Club Compound and not because the new rental house isn’t “lovely.”

He went on to talk about some of Baumgartner’s personal touches to his home, saying that she made it “beautiful and lovely” during their marriage. Costner spoke at length about the driveway and garden that Baumgartner had transformed into a playground for the couple’s children. Baumgartner turned the house into a home, according to Costner.

Costner and Baumgartner took the witness stand on both days of the hearings.

Costner admitted that his team had fed him “dumbed down” versions of his accounting. Costner said that his team had “dumbed-down” versions of his accounting.

Baumgartner, meanwhile, was asked about her plans for the future and about an alleged boyfriend who she claimed has been a family friend for “seven or eight years.”

Baumgartner has cried at times, especially when the Aspen ranch of the estranged couple was mentioned.

Christine filed for divorce in May from “Field of Dreams” star, citing irreconcilable disagreements.

Baumgartner requested that a judge issue a new child custody order for the month of April in her ongoing divorce proceedings from “Yellowstone’s” actor.

Baumgartner (49), who had initially requested $248,000 per child, received $129,755 as monthly support in July after an initial hearing. Costner, who was 68 years old, offered $51,000.