Key Witness in Fani Willis Case Testifies: May Have Lied in Texts About Friends’ Affair


Terrance Bradly said that Nathan Wade had a ‘definite relationship’ with District Attorney Fani Willis before she hired him. When confronted with his texts that contradicted Willis testimony, Terrence Bradley appeared to respond by saying ‘dang’.

Terrance Bradley testified under oath Tuesday. He was a former partner of a law firm, a divorce lawyer, and a member of Fani Willis, Fulton County District Attorney, and Nathan Wade, Special Prosector’s relationship.

Bradley claimed that, when pressed under oath by the FBI, he was unable to recall certain details or timelines about conversations he held with Willis and Wade.

Ashleigh Merchant is a defense lawyer who referred to texts that she had exchanged with Bradley. Merchant, a defense attorney, referred to text messages that she exchanged with Bradley.

Bradley appeared to say “dang” in court when the texts were presented to him on Tuesday. Then he said that he had “speculated” when he made these remarks.

Richard Rice asked Bradley, an attorney later, if Bradley was a liar who spreads “lies” about his friends.

Do you tell lies about your friends to others? “A Case of National Importance? Rice responded.

Bradley responded, “I’m not sure if I would have been able to.”

Bradley said that during his two-hour testimony in Fulton County Superior Court on Tuesday, he was unable to recall details or information for more than two dozen occasions. Bradley claimed that he had only spoken with Wade about Willis’ relationship one time.

Bradley refused to answer some questions, citing attorney-client privilege. McAfee said he would “secretly” meet with Bradley to confirm whether or not his assertions were true. McAfee stated that Bradley appeared to have misused his attorney-client confidentiality.

Bradley was Wade’s previous law partner. Wade is accused of having an affair with Willis which benefited her financially, after she hired Bradley for the prosecution of the case of interference in the election against former President Trump.

Bradley said on Tuesday that Wade had not been in touch with him for the past two years despite having known Wade for more than 10 years.

Terrence Bradley, a divorce attorney and former partner of Nathan Wade’s law firm, is an expert in divorce. He gave testimony at an Atlanta hearing Tuesday into allegations of misconduct made against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Bradley refused to respond to certain questions asked by the defense attorney regarding his knowledge about Wade and Willis’ relationship and when he became aware. Bradley cited the attorney-client privilege. Bradley had been Wade’s lawyer during Wade’s brief divorce.

McAfee determined after the meeting that Bradley’s testimony was not protected by privilege. The testimony on Tuesday will be likely the last of the evidentiary proceedings before the parties make their final arguments on Friday.

Lawyers for Trump and the co-defendants who accuse Willis of having an “improper relationship” with Wade will try to find evidence to prove that both Willis and Wade lied about when their relationship began. In this case, they should be disqualified.

John C. Floyd III, who testified earlier this month, confirmed that Willis was taught by her dad to keep large amounts of cash in her wallet. Willis claimed that Wade had reimbursed her for the luxury trips she took with the money she had on hand. She did not record these payments because she was taught to do so by her father.

Floyd claimed that he hadn’t met Wade until 2023 and didn’t even know his daughter had a relationship with Wade until seven weeks earlier when the first accusations of Willis impropriety were made in court documents.

Star Witness claims he “speculated about the beginning” of Fani Willis and Nathan Wade’s relationship.

Wade Willis and their last summer spent together in California’s wine country as well as the Caribbean.

Michael Roman is a GOP activist and co-defendant in the Trump case. He claimed that Willis had a conflict of interest because she had benefited financially from hiring her lover. The other four co-defendants also made similar claims.

The Defense must prove with money trials that Willis has a conflict of interest and should therefore be disqualified.

Willis, as well as Wade, both testified that they did not have receipts showing Wade reimbursed Willis for her expenses on vacation.

Merchant is the lead defense attorney and tries to prove Willis’s romantic relationship with Wade before Wade was appointed DA.

Both Willis and Wade insisted that their relationship started in 2022, after Wade was hired. But they contradicted testimony from Robin Yeartie, a former “good friend” of Willis and past employee at the DA’s office.

Yeartie said that she had “no doubts”. Willis and Wade started their relationship after meeting at a convention in 2019.

She stated that she had seen Willis and Wade “hugging”, kissing, and showing “affection” before November 20-21. She said that she was sure that the couple had been in a relationship since 2019, lasting until 2022, when she last spoke to Willis.

Willis dismissed Yeartie’s testimony and said that Yeartie wasn’t a friend anymore.

An expert described Willis’ unexpected and “belligerent” testimony as the highlight of this two-day case.

The judge threatened to throw out her testimony after verbally sparring for hours with lawyers. When she appeared to wear her dress backward, she raised eyebrows. She did not return the next day.