Killer Mike Clashes with ‘The View’ Host Amid Brian Kemp Praise: ‘Don’t Misrepresent Me’


Killer Mike and Sunny Hostin clashed on “The View” after Killer Mike praised the Georgia Governor. Brian Kemp explained that he was focused on local races when asked why he hadn’t endorsed President Biden.

Alyssa Griffin, co-host, asked Killer Mike about his hesitation to endorse Biden. He replied that people should concentrate on their local communities.

“We get caught in the soap opera that is federal elections, and that’s great. But if you’re concerned about the federal election and don’t even know your city council or wardsman doesn’t recognize your mayor and don’t also have a list of your state representatives and governor, then all you can do is be a part of the Super Bowl and the fanfare.” He said during his appearance before the media.

The rapper worked with Georgia Democratic Senators and supported Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016. Jon Osoff, Raphael Warnock, and their successful campaigns broke Republican winning streaks.

He said that the Atlanta mayoral election and Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens were the two most important elections for him. Dickens was praised by Dickens for his work in housing the city. Killer Mike is an Atlanta native and he also praised Kemp for his work with Georgia’s businesses.

“I’m doing the same thing my grandfather told me about national issues.” Watching what happens and staying out of White people’s business. I’m watching to see what happens. “I don’t want to be involved in this soap opera right now because I am worried about the local situation in Atlanta,” he said.

Kemp occupies a unique position in politics. He has become a villain for Democrats because of his victories against party favorite Stacey Abrams for governor in 2018 and in 2022. Also, he is a villain for liberals for supporting voting reforms, which they criticized as suppression tactics. He also ruffled feathers with former president Trump when he refused to go along with his fabricated narrative of a stolen election in Georgia in 2020.

Hostin said that Mike had lost her with his “support for Kemp,” but the rapper responded.

He said, “I don’t support Kemp.” This is a misinformation. “You can’t like me but you shouldn’t lie to me.”

He continued, “He is the governor of my State, I must be involved with Him, I cannot divorce myself.” “But I will say that if you criticize somebody, do not lie. Do not say that I didn’t back [Stacey] Abrams, because I did. Don’t tell me I don’t like Democrats, because I helped elect three Democratic mayors and two state representatives. But if someone holds the king’s position, I will not refuse to have dinner with him on behalf of my country. I must do that.”

Hostin provided Killer Mike a list highlighting the accomplishments of Biden’s administration for the Black Community, including low employment rates, investments in HBCUs, and increases in Black Wealth. She told him that she hoped his points would be taken into consideration.

The rapper, who was arrested at the Grammys recently, told “The View’s” co-hosts that he could not speak of the arrest but it was just a minor incident.

“I thought the backstage area was overcrowded.” “I think the winners were overly exuberant and I think that security got a bit over-zealous. It’s all water under the bridge,” he said.