LeBron James Is a Hypocritical, Entitled, Racist Crybaby


LeBron James is arguably the G.O.A.T (General Officer of the National Basketball Association) and has managed to become a billionaire despite being raised in a nation that hates racism (just ask him) but he doesn’t speak much about the brutal beating death of Ethan Liming (17 years old) in LeBron’s school parking lot, in Akron, Ohio.


  • The assault allegedly started over a joke of some sort.
  • One of Liming’s attackers assaulted him from the front and two hit him from behind.
  • Liming’s friends apparently did not fight with him. When they tried to help the injured Liming into the car they were chased away by the three attackers.
  • According to Liming’s father, Ethan was alone and unconscious when the three attackers “finished him off.”
  • Liming was pronounced dead at the scene. He died of blunt force trauma to the head.

Rev. Bill Liming, Ethan’s father said, “And when they couldn’t catch the one child that ran across a parking lot, they came back and finished my son off “.

Perhaps Lebron is being quiet because he cannot play the race card. Ethan Liming was a white man. Even though Liming’s friends witnessed the entire thing, the police have not released a description of his attackers. The race of the attackers is unknown. They were playing basketball at the time Liming was killed. Liming’s father tried to describe Ethan’s friends who tried to get him in a car while he was still breathing.

They did everything possible to help Ethan. They dialed 911 to get help. His two African-American friends attempted to save Ethan’s life by picking up his body from the ground. At that moment, he was still breathing.

It is strange that Bill Liming mentions the race of the friends who helped Ethan get into the car but not the suspects.

Jennifer Liming, Ethan’s mother had a heartbreaking message for the three men who killed her son unconsciously.

Why? It’s just not clear to me why. I don’t understand why you would do this to him. You beat him to death until he was unconscious and defenseless on the ground. It’s a mystery to me why. He was seventeen years old and had a full life ahead of him. He was not the type of child to get involved in such a thing. It’s hard to understand why they did this and why you hated him so much that you wanted him dead. You did not even know him.

Lebron’s only response to the tragic, brutal attack on his school’s parking lot (despite being asked by a relative for help finding the killers) was a tweet that he didn’t spell- or grammar check.

This is strange because LeBron had something else to say to the officer who shot a young black female who was trying to stab another young black woman.

Nicholas Reardon, a Columbus police officer, was called to investigate a disturbance that involved knives. Ma’Khia Bryant was a black woman who tried to stab another woman. Officer Reardon stopped her and saved the life of the other woman. King James apparently didn’t get that. LeBron sent a photo of the officer to his 51.4 million Twitter followers and wrote “YOU’RE THE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY” with an hourglass. The NBA was asked by the L.A. Police Department to investigate the matter.

LeBron continues to work despite the fact that the country is rife with “systemic racism”. The tweet was deleted by LeBron because he believed it was being used to spread more hatred. But, his message was clear, how many young black children saw his tweet?

The highly successful basketball player is known for speaking out against racism. He even said that “being black in America” was difficult after some strange racist graffiti showed up on his L.A. property. Similar to Jussie’s MAGA-capped attackers, the police did not find the racist, drooling goober behind the “crime.”

Nothing is more saddening or funnier than a black billionaire ranting about racism, making racist statements, and putting a white cop at risk, while also claiming to be responsible for the “racist attack” on his property.

Although LeBron claims to hate racism, he has tried his hand at it nonetheless. He refers to NFL owners as “old white men with a slave mentality”

LeBron says that not all slavery should be discouraged. LeBron sat down with Enes Kanter, a basketball player, to discuss the ugly bromance between Nike and the NBA as well as the slave labor in China. Daryl Morey, Houston Rockets’ team manager, supported pro-Democracy protestors from Hong Kong. LeBron, who is usually opinionated, knew where his jumbo shrimps were steamed and declared Morey “was not educated” on the matter.

Morey apologized for his foolish support of Democracy in Hong Kong, and he was able to keep his job. Kanter didn’t and was fired.

LeBron James kept quiet about China-Hong Kong and signed a Nike deal worth $725 million. #Cha-Ching!

The delicious hypocrisy only gets better. LeBron has spoken out on gun control, including legal firearms.

You won’t be able to take out every gun, that’s obvious. There are so many guns out there right now. People will question themselves if there aren’t any stipulations or penalties behind them.

Most states have some regulations regarding firearms. For example, the law allows for legally-licensed carry by armed security guards who accompany LeBron and his family.

Wait, there’s more gun hypocrisy. LeBron, a gun-grabbing man, and his wife spent New Year’s Eve blasting away with machine guns or, as some might say, REAL weapons of warfare.

LeBron shares his thoughts on firing the fully-automatic MP5.

LeBron James is ignorant. Although he has everything, his basketball skills and the fortune he’s earned are not enough. Instead of being a role model to other black children who grew up poor as he did, the man prefers to spew liberal talk-point mouth garbage before ever hearing the entire story. He is a gun-grabbers pawn, but he enjoys spreading the lead using fully automatic weapons to his 51.4 million followers on Twitter. He perpetuates the myth of black people being hunted “every day” by white people. Many of these are likely young black children who look up to him. What could possibly go wrong?