Leftists Disgustingly Accuse Jessa Duggar of Having an Abortion


They are back at it again, radical pro-abortion supporters. They are launching a disinformation campaign to claim that Jessa Duggar had an abortion. They claim that this happened and that it is proof that pro-life conservative Christians are huge hypocrites, who use abortion to justify their own beliefs while denouncing it for others.

This is a small sample of what it looked like.

What’s the truth here? Well, the truth is that Duggar had a miscarriage through no choice of her own. After the baby’s passing, which no doubt was devastating for her, she had to have a dilation and curettage procedure, which removes any remaining tissue from the womb in order to prevent infection.

This was pointed out by many people in the replies. The pro-abortion zealots quickly doubled their efforts.

The left has a lot of stupid talking points. It’s difficult to choose which of these are the most offensive and absurd. However, the idea that a miscarriage or an elective abortion is the same thing is still possible.

A miscarriage can be considered non-elective. It is like comparing it to elective abortion. Both include a pronouncement about death. This is a ridiculous comparison that should be ignored. For argument’s sake, however, I will not do that. Let’s instead discuss the implications of liberals hurrying to claim that spontaneous, unplanned miscarriages can be treated the same way as elective abortions.

Why do radical pro-abortionists make this comparison? Perhaps they feel the need to make a moral equivalence. If so, then why would they require a moral equivalence when elective abortion is moral in itself?

That is the truth. They are lying to themselves when they try to confuse miscarriages and abortion. They are well aware that the former is a moral abomination and they feel they have to justify it by putting medically required D&Cs in the same category. They are different, and common sense will tell you that they are not. It is different to have my arm amputated because of cancer or another undetermined ailment. Self-harm is a sin. It is morally acceptable to save your own life by removing tissue. Let me now introduce you to the oranges.

If abortion were right, pro-abortion extremists wouldn’t need to work too hard to reduce the positive effects of elective abortion. The insinuation itself is false. I don’t know of any Republican who would oppose medically necessary procedures that help women after miscarriage. Even in the reddest states, there are no laws banning such procedures. This is good news for pro-abortion supporters. There is no need to be concerned about D&C not being available for people who really do require it. Relax.