Lindsey Graham Slams Joe Biden’s Double Standard On Black Court Nominees


    Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican from South Carolina) criticized President Joe Biden for using a double standard in nominating Ketanji Brown Jack to the Supreme Court. This was after he blocked Janice Rogers Brown, a black conservative, from being nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

    Graham continued by quoting former Sen. Biden, who admitted that he tried to block Brown’s nomination. Biden stated that Brown’s chances of being confirmed to the U.S. Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia would be “very, very, very, difficult” and that he would likely be filibustered.

    Graham spoke out about the duplicitousness displayed by the Democrats. Your life can be turned upside down if you are Miguel Estrada… Amy Coney Barrett…

    Not to be forgotten, Brown was nominated by Biden in 2005 and 2003 after Brown was blocked by Biden.

    Graham’s accusations of Democrats of using a double standard are evident as Jackson’s nomination is uncertain. A Tuesday Politico/Morning Consult survey revealed that only 47 percent of voters think Jackson should be confirmed.

    Jackson’s approval rating is also lower than Justice Samuel Alito (50-25%), Justice John Roberts (59-22), Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (53-14) and Justice Clarence Thomas (52-17).