Liz Cheney Announces Re-election Effort, but Gets Smacked With Devastating Poll


Republican Liz Cheney (RINO–WY) has officially announced her reelection campaign.

Many Republicans hope that she will go down in flames. She was so focused on hating Trump in a context where we are fighting a radical left-leaning push from the Democrats that she joined the Jan. 6 Committee with Democrats to use it to attack Republicans and promote herself as a “real conservative”.

Perhaps she is hoping to be elected to a higher office like the White House. However, I am not sure who she believes will vote for her. She’s a useful tool for the Democrats, but she is unlikely to be able to help them in the future. What they want in the run-up to the midterms is to use the Committee to bash Republicans regardless of reality. Cheney doesn’t care.

Although she’s received a lot of money from the “elite”, she hasn’t tried to reach out to Republicans in her state to explain her position. So why should anyone vote to her when she doesn’t care what they have to offer? She treated Wyoming in the same way as Hillary Clinton treated Wisconsin in 2020. In more than two years, she has not been to any state Republican Party functions. She has also missed town halls and forums. She has, however, reached out to the media as well as to Democrats in the State to assist her. What is her problem? Wyoming doesn’t have many Democrats.

Mary Martin, Wyoming’s GOP chair, voted against Cheney’s censuring, but now she criticizes her by saying that she hasn’t come to the state to defend Trump’s decision to impeach him despite being asked.

Martin stated that Martin was invited to present her facts and defend why she was doing this. However, Martin claimed that Martin chose to call the Republicans radicals which have caused discontent within the party.

Cheney “has been MIA since Jan. 6”. We all believe that the Wyoming seat represents a stepping stone for her run for the presidency in 2024, and she must get Trump out of the way. Martin continued, “She’s using anti-Trump commentary to raise money.”

To be viable nationally, she must win her August primary. This is unlikely to happen. Given her treatment of Republicans in Wyoming and Republicans overall, it seems like Wyoming’s Republican voters will have a big message for her, her ambitions, and she: No, thank you.

A new Club for Growth survey shows that Cheney is 30 points behind Harriet Hageman, her Trump-endorsed rival. Hageman is a Wyoming lawyer who, unlike Cheney, has reached out to Republicans. Cheney is at 26 percent, while Hageman is at 56 percent. Another candidate received 12 percent, while the remaining 6 percent remain undecided. This is a shame in a state where Cheney was once able to walk into the seat. This is how she has ruined herself. On Saturday, President Donald Trump will be in Wyoming to support Hageman. There will also be speeches from many prominent Republicans supporting Hageman.

Cheney made a video to promote her campaign, and it fails on every level.

From Townhall: Cheney closed her re-election announcement by pointing out that “somethings have to matter,” such as how “American freedom and the rule of law, our founding principle, the foundations for our republic matter.” It matters what we do in Wyoming’s election. I’m Liz Cheney and I am running for reelection. I need your vote because this is a fight that we must win.

If she had cared about that, she wouldn’t have joined the Democrats who are trying to change that. She’s about to discover that actions do have consequences, and she’s about to be smacked with them.