Liz Cheney Says Republicans Can’t Be Loyal To Both Trump & The Constitution


    Rep. Liz Cheney (Republican from Wyoming) stated Sunday that Republicans were forced to choose between loyalties to President Donald Trump and the U.S. Constitution. She claimed they couldn’t do both. Brennan stated that facts can be persuaded. What happens to this committee if Republicans win the majority in 2022 Kevin McCarthy has been asked to keep the committee.

    Cheney says that Leader McCarthy has said many things. Both he and the committee have been obstructed by his actions, but he has also stated that he is willing to talk to them on several occasions. I believe that the American people, and especially the Republican Party, have a choice to be made. Conservative Republican. I strongly believe in low taxes, limited government, and strong national defense. 

    The country needs a strong Republican Party to move forward. But, our party must choose. Either we are loyal to Donald Trump, or we can be loyal the Constitution. But we cannot do both. Right now, far too many Republicans are trying to support the former president and embrace him. You can look the other way, and hope the former president doesn’t try to stop the activities of the committee. We won’t be discouraged. The truth is the most important thing.

    Brennan said this goes beyond the ex-president. In 19 states across the country, the election laws are being amended. Some of these state capitals have Republican-controlled legislatures that could change the certification of elections if they disagree with the outcome. This is threatening the trust of some Americans in our election integrity. Ask your fellow Republicans from across the country to stop doing that.

    Cheney stated that as a nation, she believes that we have to be founded on the rule and practice of law. The Constitution must be our foundation. When you consider what ex-President Trump does to try to undermine our faith in democracy, to undermine the rule and law, to try to find local officials to help him do this, it’s clear that he continues to do so to this day. We learned a lot on January 6th that it was important to have a few people who stood up for us. 

    There were people at the Department of Justice who, before Jan. 6, stood up against the president and said that we would not claim that the election was stolen. They also told the truth. We also had officials from the Republican Party who did the exact same thing. So, I believe that people across the country need to realize how important their votes and voice are. They must elect people who will defend the Constitution and not just do the bidding Donald Trump.