Los Angeles School District Shares Preferred Pronouns Video With Links to Sexually Explicit Images of Non-Binary Person


Recently, an Instagram account belonging to Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), shared an “educational video” that linked to disturbingly inappropriate images. This post contains explicit warnings about the images that you will see.

The Post Millennial reports on a Los Angeles Unified School District Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity Instagram Account sharing a video called “Smarter In Seconds” about pronouns. The video features Addison Vincent, a male “nonbinary” trans activist. Vincent may be familiar to you from his appearance on Dr. Phil. There, Vincent faced Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire.

Vincent’s @breakthebinary Instagram page is filled with explicit photos and poses, which Vincent calls “boudoir shots.” This is not something teens should be exposed to or teachers should be learning from.

Vincent is shown with Blair Imani in the video. She also shares that she is bisexual, and Muslim on her profile. They both walk through their beliefs that it is necessary to ask people their preferred pronouns. Vincent introduces himself, while Imani plays the role of a transgender woman, claiming that pronouns should be used.


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Vincent quotes Alok Vaid-Menon, a trans activist, who said that little girls were “kinky” and helped Demi Lovato become non-binary. (Before she recently returned to female pronouns), Vincent says “gender isn’t what we look like, it’s how we know ourselves to being.”

Imani continued, “Gender is a range of mental and behavioral characteristics that relate to, differ from, and go beyond understandings neutrality, femininity and masculinity.”

Vincent, who wore a mustache, beard and long hair, agreed that it was impossible to look at someone and determine their gender or pronouns.

Radical union activists and the Department of Justice are calling parents across the country “domestic terrorists.” Progressive politicians are telling us that we don’t have the right to make education decisions for our children, as we are not educators. Our children are being taught and “educated” by Instagram activists, who may not be educators but are worse…groomers.

It is obvious that a district of public schools would feel justified in exposing its students and staff to explicit sexual content. It is grooming.

California recently passed controversial sexual education curriculum which includes explicit, LGBT-centric content. LAUSD recently allowed teachers and schools to use the preferred pronoun of students and to counsel and assist students with gender dysphoria, without notifying parents.