Mainstream Media Admits the DOJ Subpoenaed Over 40 Trump Associates, Seized Two Top Advisors’ Phones


The Justice Department continues to intensify its war against former President Donald Trump’s associates. It has issued over 40 subpoenas and seized the phones of at most two top advisors. Although this is being reported by many outlets as breaking news, RedState’s Nick Arama has already reported that a lot of it was happening as far back as Friday.

The New York Times announced Monday that they were a little late to the party.

Two top Trump advisers were seized by the Justice Department and their phones were blanketed with 40 subpoenas. This was a significant escalation in the investigation into Trump’s attempts to subvert the 2020 election. Sources familiar with the inquiry stated Monday.

The department’s aggressive approach to obtaining information from Trump associates after 2020 has led to the seizure and expansion of the phones.

Federal agents stole phones from Boris Epshteyn (in-house counsel for Trump) and Mike Roman (campaign strategist for Trump’s 2020 campaign. This is the latest revelation. This would seem to be unrelated to the recent raid on the Palm Beach residence of former President, Mar-a-Lago in Florida and ongoing legal battles over the materials seized.

Many elements of this story were already reported by us. We first reported Friday that Steven Bannon, former presidential advisor, went on Charlie Kirk to claim that there had been “35 FBI raids on senior MAGA/Trump allies.” Harmeet Dhillon, a civil rights lawyer, said she was aware of some cases and that some of those who were served were her clients.

We also knew of Stephen Miller, Trump’s top speechwriter, and Brian Jack who was a former White House political director, as well as Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader.

CNN reports that Bill Stepien, former Trump campaign manager, Sean Dollman, CFO for Trump’s 2020 Presidential Campaign, and Dan Scavino, former Trump deputy chief-of-staff, can be added to the list. Soon, we will have to begin reporting on Trumpwold residents who have not been subpoenaed.

The New York Times reports on the two men who had their phones taken by police:

Mr. Epshteyn and Mr. Roman are linked to a crucial element of Mr. Trump’s bid to keep power: the effort of naming slates of electors to Mr. Trump from swing state won by Joseph R. Biden Jr. 2020. This was part of a plan for blocking or delaying congressional certification of Mr. Biden’s Electoral College win.

Tucker Carlson claimed Monday night that he had seen a copy a subpoena served to him. Arama had already obtained a part of the subpoena and printed it here. It was also shared on Twitter by Arama. Carlson is shocked by the unreasonableness and illegality of the demands.

Here is a portion of the monologue.

It [the subpoena] is illegal and unproven in American history. The subpoena is requesting information about “any claim that Vice President and/or President of the Senate had the authority to reject or not count presidential electors.” However, the First Amendment protects any claim about American politics that you might make as an American citizen. This is our core freedom…

It is why no prosecution was filed against any leading Democrats who tried to vote against Donald Trump in 2016. Right. Kamala Harris, along with the others, is not currently in prison.

It is unclear what the investigation actually entails. This is the most frightening part. What’s the deal? What grounds do you have for requesting my private communications? They don’t say.

Although the DOJ’s ongoing attacks on the incumbent president’s opponent were never unusual, it has become downright frightening. Arama shared images from Friday’s subpoena story. But here’s one page that will chill you to the core.