Majority Of Americans Want Biden To Keep Title 42 At Southern Border


A new poll shows that the majority of American registered voters want President Joe Biden not to remove Title 42, the public health authority used at the border between the United States and Mexico for more than two years to stop illegal immigration.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the administration of President Joe Biden would be ending Title 42 on May 23, weeks before. This authority allowed U.S. Border Patrol the ability to return illegal aliens quickly to their home countries.

A federal judge appointed by Trump last month announced that he would stop Biden’s repeal of Title 42 until the matter is resolved in the courts.

According to Fox News’ poll, 63 percent want Biden keep Title 42. This includes 77 percent of Republicans and 57 percent swing voters. It also includes 49 percent of Democrats. About 42 percent of self-described liberals want Title 42 to remain.

Only 3 out of 10 voters said that they would like to see Title 42 end.

Most Americans support Title 42 to stop illegal immigration, regardless of race. According to the poll, 66% of white Americans and 57% of Hispanic Americans support keeping Title 42. 58% of black Americans also support keeping Title 42.

Title 42 is very popular among working and middle-class Americans as well as the base members of the Republican Party, white working class voters. About 64 percent of those earning less than $50,000 per year supported keeping Title 42.

7 in 10 white voters who are not college-educated want Title 42 to be retained. The majority of Trump supporters in 2016 and 2020 supported Title 42 by a 66% margin.

Biden officials acknowledge that illegal aliens and border crossers could be arriving at the border each month without Title 42.

Breitbart News was informed by Andy Biggs, a Republican from Arizona, that he expected 30,000 border crossings and illegal aliens daily at the border without Title 42. Breitbart News reported exclusively that up to 6,000 foreign nationals waited to rush the border in Tijuana (Mexico) when Title 42 was ended.

Between February 2021 and March 2022, approximately 836,000 border-crossers and illegal aliens were released by the Biden administration into American communities. This is more than the entire population of North Dakota. This does not include hundreds of thousands illegal aliens who crossed the southern border undetected by Border Patrol or the tens and thousands of unaccompanied children (UACs), who were resettled in the U.S.