Martha MacCallum Just Roasts Biden Econ Adviser After ‘Whataboutism’ Games Played on Inflation


The wall is closing in on Democrats in 2022’s midterm elections. This is why the Biden White House is spinning furiously about the direction and economic conditions, particularly in relation to rising inflation, and the recession, two terms they have been trying to redefine in recent weeks.

Further proof of the point is the below exchanges between Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum, and Jared Bernstein. Jared Bernstein is an economic advisor to President Biden, who is well-known for his tendency to play the “it’s NOT his fault” card when Biden is at the wall.

Although I have not seen the entire clip, it appears that MacCallum had spoken to a panel on Tuesday prior to or during her interview with Bernstein. One woman, evidently the owner of a towing company, spoke out about the high price of diesel fuel. She said that while it had fallen a few pennies, it was still negatively impacting her business.

Berstein tried to deflect first by talking about how much gasoline has fallen since July. But MacCallum was not having it. He asked about diesel fuel prices, which have not dropped very much, and is costing truckers as well as businesses such as towing companies a lot.

Berstein attempted to claim that diesel prices had dropped “a lot”, but he couldn’t provide an exact figure. MacCallum then gave Berstein a “WTF?” stare and told him that she would believe MacCallum over Bernstein. She said so many things because she deals with these issues “every day” when she fills her tow trucks.


After MacCallum pointed out that things are supposedly worse in Britain, MacCallum attacked Bernstein. Jared asked, “Why would anyone care about that?” He lamely responded by pointing out that he believed she was suggesting that inflation was “Biden’s fault.”

MacCallum dismissed Bernstein’s suggestion that she should put things in perspective of the rest of the world. She noted that Americans expect exceptional leadership and are not in the same boat as other countries. Many of these countries have socialist governments and have other problems that they are dealing with …’

Bernstein interrupted her, saying she was totally missing the point. But MacCallum stopped him before he could continue, saying that Americans care about their economic experiences. It doesn’t make them feel any better to hear that other people have it worse.


Bernstein tried to exonerate Biden for the economic damage that he caused. He then attempted to argue why MacCallum shouldn’t explain to viewers why “Why Biden isn’t the President or the European Union”, which, according to Bernstein, are responsible for America’s high inflation numbers.

Some people who watched it from home didn’t like it.

“Why is it unfair for Americans to criticize Biden?” This is because Team Biden and rank-and-file Democrats have one goal: to protect The Precious at any cost. That means gaslighting Americans by telling them what they see isn’t actually what they’re seeing.

MacCallum wasn’t the only Fox News anchor who took Democrats to task Tuesday for painting a misleading picture of America. Harris Faulkner quizzed Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), about his support for the “Inflation Reduction Act” – a bill that does not deliver on its promises.

Apparently, Fox News ladies weren’t in the mood to have BS thrown in their direction. This was bad news for the Democrats appearing on their respective programs, but good news for us all who are sick of the Obama administration slacking off during interviews on other networks where the economy is the topic under discussion.