McCarthy, Jeffries Developing Warm Relationship On Capitol Hill


Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy seems to be building a close professional relationship with Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffreyries

Punchbowl News reports that both men gave each other heads-ups before they made critical public statements about each other. Jeffries alerted McCarthy that he would reply to a letter when he decided to remove Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff, Democratic California Representatives. McCarthy also reportedly told Jeffries that the letter would be responded to personally.

The seemingly cordial relationship with McCarthy would be a marked departure from the icy relationship McCarthy had with Pelosi. According to the LA Times, both McCarthy and Pelosi made public statements which seemed to show genuine contempt for one another.

According to the LA Times, McCarthy and Pelosi argued over the phone after McCarthy refused Pelosi’s request for Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks from Indiana to be on the Jan.6 panel. McCarthy called Pelosi a “lame duck speaker” but claimed it would be difficult to hit her with the gavel if Republicans regain control of the House in 2022.

However, Jeffries has publicly stated that he would love to have a good working relationship.

Jeffries stated on Meet the Press that “clearly we will have strong disagreements sometimes,” but “we can agree to disagree without becoming disagreeable.”

Jeffries spoke of his close relationship with McCarthy and his willingness to cut spending.

According to Bloomberg, Jeffries stated that “We have a track-record that shows our willingness to find common ground.” “Having a relationship to Speaker McCarthy is the right decision for the American people.”