Meghan Markle and Husband Harry Get Evicted From Their Royal Estate


Maybe the royal family is tired of being backstabbed by their flesh and blood. A new report claims that Meghan Markle and her husband were evicted by Frogmore Cottage. This estate was family-owned. They won’t also be invited to the coronation.

Charles, King of England, made the decision to boot the attention-seeking couple.

King Charles III will kick Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from Frogmore Cottage and give it to the disgraced royal Prince Andrew.

Page Six was told by a source that the incoming King began the eviction process on January 1, just one day after “Spare,” the memoir of the redheaded royal, which was published in December.

According to The Sun, a source said that “This eviction certainly spells the end for Harry and Meghan’s time here in the UK.”

This will not surprise anyone who has any idea of the real world. South Park’s South Park parodied Meghan and Harry in a hilarious way. They have been on a worldwide publicity tour, trashing their families and claiming trauma. They claim that they want to be left alone all the time.

Some people still find Charles’s actions cruel and insolent.

Family affairs must be allowed to breathe. This is true. However, it must be shared. The royal family, which included the queen, attempted to make amends several times. Meghan, being the fame-seeking woman she is, decided instead to join forces with her husband to write a book. The Netflix series claims that the royal family is full of racist monsters.

There are certainly skeletons. I don’t want to defend the royals because I disagree with the arrangement. We kind of fought an uprising over it. But Harry and Meghan chose their path and it has its consequences. They could have kept their affairs private, worked out their issues, and lived in royal decadence for the rest of their lives. They’ll now live in decadence, paid for by media deals.

There are no victims. Sure, Harry and Meghan don’t qualify. If they want to continue in good standing and live off the United Kingdom in Frogmore Cottage they should have done it differently. We get a good dose of schadenfreude because they didn’t.